You’re probably wondering, why #MoreThanASize? Why this movement? What is it?

There is so much focus in society on everyone’s size. We are either too skinny, too fat, should be this size, should be that size, too tall, not tall enough. The thing is, it’s hard for society as a whole to look past someone’s size and see that a person is so much more. They aren’t just a size 14-they are an impactful teacher and amazing Mother. They aren’t just a 00, they are a really loyal friend and philanthropist. They aren’t just a size 6, they are an extremely successful business owner and mentor. 

I have shared in
Redbook Magazine and on the Today Show, I have been every size
from a 2 to a12/14 and am more confident now, at my largest than I have ever been.
My confidence has grown leaps and bounds. 

Growing up and well into adulthood, size always mattered to me and was the most important thing to me. My worth was solely based on my size and my weight. 

I had just done another diet for the millionth time, was about a size 10 and hating myself because I was into double digit sizes. 

Being the perfect size was fueled by the latest fad diet, binging one day, feeling guilty, and as a result then barely eating the next day. Juice diets, to low carb to no carb. 

If I just go down one more size, I will for sure be happy. On and on it went, and with each new size and new weight on the scale brought the same dissatisfaction, and so the cycle continued. 

At my skinniest-a size 2. I looked happy but being a size 2 wasn’t good enough for me-I needed to be a size 0.

Then motherhood came into my life and the pressure increased-I had to be that mom that women asked “What’s your secret?” The cycle continued. 

My life was 100% dictated by my size, what I weighed, what I ate or didn’t eat. I knew it had to stop, and I knew it was something that I did not want my girls to go through.

With my girls always around, I faked confidence. I kept lying to myself that I am confident, I love myself, and I am worth it. 

You know what happened? I eventually started to believe it. It also became clear to me that the memories my girls will have of me won’t be the size my jeans were or that my thighs rubbed together when I walked. It’ll be the giggles from playing Candyland, or pushing them on the swing so high they touch the sky. 

It’s been such a journey to get here. I just turned 36, so journey is definitely the word to describe it. Do I love myself every day? No way. I still pick myself apart sometimes, disappoint myself, but I at least try everyday and that to me is what important. It’s hard. It’s work. But it’s worth it. Especially if you are surrounded by people who love you, and especially when you are trying to be an example. 

Most importantly though, one of the reasons I feel so confident
is that I came to the realization that I am not only worth so much more than my size, that I am so much more than my size. I am a great wife, a pretty
awesome Mom (most of the time?!), a successful business owner, blogger, great
listener, and funny friend just to name a few. My size doesn’t define me! I’ll
say it again- my size doesn’t define me.

So what is #MoreThanASize?

is a movement to help women (men too!) of all sizes realize their
worth is not based on their size, and that who
they are and what they are
matters so much more. 

Take a moment today, snap a selfie, and share your #MoreThanASize statement: 

“I am #MoreThanASize. I am (a) ______________”

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