Mommy in Heels: Cozy, Practical Travel Style

When I am outfit planning for any trips I have, I always include my travel outfits in my planning as well. I try to incorporate pieces that I can wear during my trip as well, but sometimes that doesn’t happen…like when I am traveling from cold to hot, hot to cold (ie: PA to Costa Rica and back!)

While I only have a couple of travel outfits that I wore to share with you, I did pull together some other pieces that I have worn in the past for traveling, or are variations of things that I have worn before! You can also check out my Costa Rica bathing suit roundup here, and head on over to instagram to see other outfits I wore!

Jacket: Nordstrom (similar) /// Shirt: Target /// Sweatpants: Asos /// Sneakers: Adidas

These sweatpants were so comfortable and perfect for a 12 hour door to door travel day! They were a tad big, so I would suggest maybe sizing down-I had to roll the waistband a couple of times! This tee was the perfect match for the baby blue sweats. Plus it was a men’s tee, which I find to be more comfortable than women’s for some reason! 

Sweater: Asos /// Tee: H&M /// Jeans: American Eagle /// Sneakers: Adidas /// Sunglasses: Ray Ban

So in theory this is a pretty rad outfit. I love everything about it. What I don’t like is that I hard to wear it on a five hour flight. Why? The jeans. I just can’t do it for that long, guys! If it were like a 2 hour flight I could totally handle it, but 5 hours plus the hour bus ride to the airport plus the hour ride from the airport home, high waisted jeans was just not a good idea!

So while this is such a cute outfit, I’d only recommend it for a shorter travel day. When it comes down to it I’ve got to be able to move and groove and not feel restricted! 

Oh and this sweater-super, super cozy but consider sizing down! It’s pretty big on me, so I feel like I could have gotten away with getting the medium! 

Here are the other pieces that make for a great, easy, comfortable-without-sacrificing-style outfit for those long travel days!

These leggings, while expensive are super great quality and really comfortable. I have the faux leather version and get a ton of wear out of them. They are great to wear all day!

Pairing those leggings with my favorite long tee (that comes in so many colors) and a draped cardigan seems to be my go-to for travel. It’s chic, simple and cozy! I do also like to wear shoes that I can easily slip on and off. I don’t have TSA pre-check so I have to go through security and remove my shoes. Easy to slip on sneakers makes moving along easy and quick! 

Another way to wear my favorite tee is with a pair of soft and comfy joggers, topped with a denim jacket. I think the denim jacket pulls the whole look together and makes it look a little less “lounging at home” sloppy. 

If you follow me on instagram, you saw me share this dress yesterday. I have worn a variation of this dress for travel before, and plan to wear it again when I head out to LA in March. It is essentially like wearing a nightgown in public! I love the idea of pairing it with these espadrille slides (size up) and the bright orange cardigan

What are you go-to travel pieces? Do share!!


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