Mommy in Heels: Family Game Night Fun

If there is one thing my family has on lockdown it’s our boardgame selection. And by board game, I mean all kinds of games, not just one’s that come with an actual board (a la Candyland or Chutes and Ladders).

While we certainly aren’t the kind of parents that forbid TV (in fact, our kids probably watch it too much sometimes), there are nights where we would much rather laugh until our bellies hurt playing games rather than cuddled up on the couch watching TV!

Besides fashion and beauty questions on instagram/stories, it always seems like I get an overwhelming response anytime I post videos of us playing our go-to games-what is that game? Where did you get it? I’ve never seen that game before!

Also, I wanted to add a little more of a family/lifestyle aspect the blog (don’t worry, fashion/beauty isn’t going anywhere)-I figured what better way to dive in than to share what games we love as a family?!

Egged On: Anything that the girls can get wet playing, they love! This was a Christmas gift for Charlotte (those that are familiar with her probably aren’t surprised) and we have played it so many times in the short time we have had it! The object of the game is to fill a certain amount of the rubber eggs with water. The spinner will tell you how many eggs you have to “crack” over your head or a team mates. Obviously the object is to not get “egged on!” 

Who Tooted: I will say this is probably the one game that get’s the most attention from instastories! As you may have guessed, this game focuses soley on tooting noises and of course giggling. The object of the game is to guess who tooted. There alllll kinds of different tooting noises, and even as an adult, it is hysterical. If you have a child like Charlotte, who loves anything and everything pooping and tooting, this game is the best! 

Uno Attack: Another perfect Christmas gift for the girls! Ryan and I have always loved playing Uno-we play with his parents any chance we get, and we always end up with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard, so we thought Uno Attack would be fun to play with our girls. If you are wondering about ages, Charlotte is 5 and plays this game pretty well. We have to remind her of the rules, and every once in a while I have to take a peek at her cards to help her, but overall she does well! And just like regular, traditional Uno, this leaves us laughing! 

Poopyhead: Yes, you read that right. Another game based around poop. And yes, this game was a gift for Charlotte. This game is a little tricky, but that is overshadowed by the fact that you literally wear poop on your head. The overall object is similar to that of the card game war. You have to be quick and place a card down in the order of going to the bathroom-there’s toilet paper, a toilet, flushing, etc. 

Greedy Granny: Another game full of laughs…this granny literally loses her teeth at any given point in the game. I had never heard of this game before Charlotte got it for Christmas (can you tell Charlotte loves playing games?!)!

WetHead: Like I said, any game that can get the girls wet they love. And this game gets you drenched! You basically spin the spinner and have to pull pegs out of the hat, hoping you don’t get wet! Good for lots of laughs!

Pop the Pig: We’ve had this game for quite some time, but it always seems to be a go-to for us. We’ve even packed it on several trips-it’s an easy toss-and-go game that everyone loves!

Googly Eyes: We don’t have this game, but it is on our list to get. For this game, you wear vision altering glasses (different levels of glasses) and you are to draw a picture. It looks like it’s tons of fun-the girls can’t wait to get it! 

So what are some of your favorite games you play with your family? Do share! I would love to add some more games to our game closet!


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