One thing that has been pretty great within the blogging community is the women I have “met.” Some in person, and some virtually! Not to mention, the inspiration I draw from others is pretty awesome as well. I love to see what other bloggers are doing/wearing/eating.

Most recently, I have been focusing (ish…baby steps!)  on the #closetreworkchallenge that Karla and Lynzy have been doing. They personally have been doing a no shop April (yikes!) and encouraging their followers to kind of take a look at their wardrobe and see where they can get rid of items, but also rework what they have. Karla has chatted a lot about capsule wardrobes, which I find an interesting concept. If you aren’t aware of what a capsule wardrobe is, basically it’s a collection of a few key pieces in your closet that don’t go out of style.

For me, I like to think of a capsule wardrobe as a lot of basic pieces-solids, not too many prints and pieces that you can wear over and over again, season after season and possibly mix and match. They are also pieces that I would consider my go-to’s. Yes, I have a ton of clothes to wear, and I am always adding to my wardrobe, but no matter how many new pieces of clothing I have, I always seem to have a handful or so that I gravitate towards!

The last thing I am going to touch on with Karla and Lynzy’s amazing April challenge is versatility. For me, when it comes to pieces for my wardrobe I like to find things that are versatile and that I can style multiple ways. Sure I may get something here or there for one special occasion, but overall, I just love a good, versatile piece!

This dress that I am wearing is one I would consider versatile, and possibly a good item for a capsule wardrobe! Besides the fact that it is super comfortable (feels like I am wearing a nightgown) it is such a basic-in a good way-that it can be reworked, and reworked to adapt to your wardrobe.

I like the fact that I could wear it just like this-denim jacket and sneakers for a more casual look, but I could easily swap out the sneakers for sandals and toss on an adorable panama hat for a more polished look.

A dress like this could be taken into the cooler months with a pair of booties and a long boyfriend cardigan, too. Or, if you really want to get a lot of wear out of it, you could totally use it as a beach/pool coverup. See what I mean about versatility and how this would make a great piece for a capsule wardrobe.

A basic like this is just right for those of you wanting to pair down your wardrobe! Even better, it comes in a couple of other colors!

At the bottom of my post I will share my top, key, pieces for the start of a capsule wardrobe-keep in mind this is a start and not a complete capsule. Like I’ve said, I focused on basics that you could use as building blocks! Don’t forget to follow Karla and Lynzy, and also follow the hashtag #closetreworkchallenge for some inspo!

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Old Navy /// Dress: Old Navy /// Shoes: DSW /// Bag: Elizabeth & West (contact to purchase) /// Sunglasses: Macy’s /// Scarf: Target (similar)


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