Carry On Essentials for the Not-So-Frequent Flyer + Travel Tips from Flight Attendants

While I am no jetsetter (I wish!), I do travel 2-4 times a year via airplane. Nothing super crazy like those that travel for work or those that just have the luxury of traveling a long time, but enough to kind of figure out little things that are helpful for me on my journey whether it be a short flight, or a cross country flight that takes several hours.


I find it so much easier to travel with a backpack. Since having the girls (and whether or not they are traveling with me) I like to be as hands free as possible. It just makes things so much easier, doesn’t it? I was on the hunt for a brown backpack a few months ago-while I love buying bags that are investments, it just wasn’t in the budget so I was looking more on the affordable side.

I liked this particular one because it was so roomy-the pockets on the outside made it convenient for my earbuds and my charger.

One thing about me, is that I never not have something Blair Ritchey on me. Whether it is my work bag, my Going to Market Tote, my Penn Carryall, my PAK or my Lango I always seem to have something of hers. I’ve shared my love for her items in the past, and I could honestly dedicate a whole post to her!

Blair sent me this little pink number a few years ago-currently, it’s pretty similar to the PAK mini. I keep it in my purse and have it filled with incidentals, but I love to toss it in my carry on with essentials.

My Micrsoft Surface always comes with me-it’s super lightweight and easy to toss in my bag. I always like to include my calendar as well. I typically use it for work/inventory purposes but I also use it for blog content as well. While I use my phone for my daily to-do list, I am old school when it comes to calendars and always like to have it on me!


I am really big into essential oils. I personally prefer Young Living and swear by them. I bring along my go-to’s: Stress Away, Peppermint, Thieves, Deep Relief, and my Mood Boosting roller I made for myself. Stress Away is good for just that-stress! I use Peppermint all of the time for headaches. I do make sure to apply it to my temples a bit before I board-it can be a really powerful smell so I don’t want to be that person on the plane! Thieves helps ward off all of those germs that are floating around the plane. Deep Relief is for after traveling and all of those tense, stiff muscles!

If you have any questions about essential oils and how I use them, let me know. I am happy to help!

These Underarm Deodorant wipes are a lifesaver! I use them in my day to day and not just when I travel. They are super refreshing and of course don’t take up a lot of room. I have gotten them both at Target and Ulta-can’t recommend them enough!

Hand sanitizer-do I really need to explain why I bring this? Probably not-ha!

My fingers always swell when I fly, so I like to try and massage them from time to time during my flight. (I also don’t wear rings when I travel either, for that very reason). I typically use this lotion when I am working on massaging my hands!

Despite having the Underarm Wipes, I always take a little travel size deodorant and use that for my trip, rather than taking a full size. I always just toss it in my carry on!

Hair ties-that’s just a given! Sometimes I always like to have on me, especially when traveling!

Carmex is my go to-always! I did a post a few months ago chatting about my love for Carmex and it still holds true.

Lastly, my face tends to get a little oily when I travel (and just about every day), so I love and rely on my BeautyBlender Blotterazzi. It absorbs excess oil and truly does work well. It’s really slim (and has a mirror!) so it doesn’t take up a lot of room!

Lucky for me (and you!) two of my loyal, super awesome followers are flight attendants and shared with me some of their travel pointers. I am so glad they did because some of them were things that never crossed my mind!

What are some of your traveling tips and pointers?

*Packing cubes-roll and keep organized

*Dryer sheets keep stuff smelling fabulous

*Charger/Power bank

*Water bottle

*Hotel shower caps to store my shoes

*Bring meds too expensive in the airport

*I donate hotel shampoos and soaps to local women’s abuse shelter.

*Always have a pashmina/scarf

*Layer your clothes.

*Wet wipes because planes are gross

*Oatmeal packets-always get hot water on the plane or coffee shop

*protein bars

*Down vest/coat

*Download movies WiFi is crappy on most flights. ◦


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