Checkered Jumpsuit

Anyone else can’t get enough of jumpsuits? There is something about them that I just can’t quit! Perhaps it’s how comfortable they are, or maybe the fact that it’s such an easy outfit!

I love that I don’t have to think of a whole outfit-such an easy, toss on and go look. I will say though-and I think most of you will agree-that the only downfall is that you basically have to get naked to go to the bathroom! But worth it though, right?!

I had purchased the long sleeve, black version of this jumpsuit (seen here) a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it (size down 2 sizes though!), so when I saw a version of it with ties and a different color I immediately bought it!

This has a ton of give to it (as you can see) but that is the intended fit, so keep that in mind if you order. But I will say I cannot recommend this enough!


Jacket /// Jumpsuit /// Shoes (similar) /// Hat /// Sunglasses



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