The Best, Stylish Denim Shorts for Every Gal

I never was one for shorts. Dresses, yes but shorts definitely no! It wasn’t until a few summers ago that I finally said the heck with it and bought myself a few pair. It just gets way too hot and I just don’t care anymore- plain and simple!

With that said though, as much as I love shorts I am pretty picky when it comes to shopping for them. While I am all about loving yourself and being confident, I do know that there are some shorts that are just not meant for me, or don’t flatter my body. I tend to gravitate towards basic denim, distressed and with an inseam of 3-5 inches. I am not a fan of bermuda shorts so I draw the line there!

I know a lot of you are in the same boat as me-you want to wear shorts, but you don’t want your cheeks hanging out but you also want them to look cute and stylish! I did a little searching for you all and rounded up some really great options of denim shorts in all sorts of price ranges!

I have a few of them coming in the mail over the next couple of days-I am anxious to try them and will make sure to share on instastories how they fit!



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