Drugstore Beauty Faves

If there is one question I get asked a lot it’s what beauty products I am using-eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, etc. Most are surprised to hear that a lot of what I use is primarily drug store brands!

Sure, like my clothing, there are some items I splurge on (like my concealer), but most of what I use can be picked up at any drugstore!

Here are a few items that are easy on the wallet, but I find myself reaching for day after day!


For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know my love for e.l.f. products. Besides the fact that e.l.f. is affordable I really feel like they work well and are long lasting. This e.l.f. Brow Duo has been something that I’ve had on hand for a while. Simple, easy to use and applies well. My only gripe with it is that the brush is small. I bought a larger brush at a local beauty studio that I use with it and it works just fine.

One thing I know I need to improve on is how often I clean my makeup brushes. With that in mind, I purchased this brush cleaner and use it every few weeks (probably still not the best, but it’s better than nothing, right?!). It has a great smell and I think does a great job at getting my brushes clean.

I love a good highlighter. I think it can be a nice, subtle, finishing touch to your makeup. I have tried powders, balms, liquids, and they all seem to have their own pros and cons. This e.l.f. Highlighting Pearl Paint is buildable in a gloss type form (that’s the best way I can describe it). It goes on smooth, kind of sticky (like lip gloss) but looks so great!

I have been a fan of the e.l.f. Smooth and Set Eye Powder. I feel like it just makes my under eye concealer set a lot better and last a lot longer. Something so simple but so worth it, and of course totally affordable!

NYX is another great drugstore brand that I have grown quite fond of. Great quality products that are affordable. Their Micro Brow Pencil is top notch. It works so well and is comparable more expensive versions!

I’ve never been one for setting sprays because I didn’t think they made a difference, but this one has changed my mind! I love that it is a matte finish-I have combo to oily skin so anything that gives me a matte finish is great in my book! Plus I feel like it makes my makeup last a lot longer throughout the day.

Another NYX favorite is this Lip Lingerie Lipstick in the color Push Up. I have found that it’s the perfect nude and is a great everyday shade.

L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation. This stuff is amazing. I have been using it for over a year now and absolutely love it! I get foundation questions alllll the time and everyone is always surprised to hear that it’s drugstore and not department store!

I have been using and RAVING about this mascara for 10 years! I swear by it and do not use anything else. I have tried others but always, always come back to Cover Girl Lash Blast! It does wonders for my lashes and is so affordable.

I recently started using Kristin Ess products (you can find them at Target) and kind of love them! For me, a little more than I would typically spend on hair products, but I had heard such great things so I wanted to give them a try. I love the Instant Lift Thickening Spray-I feel like it gives my hair a little oomph. I also have become a fan of her dry shampoo. Works wonders and has helped prolong my washes….I only have to wash 2 days a week and it is amazing!





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