Crazy for This Jumpsuit

It doesn’t feel like Wednesday to me. Does it for you? Maybe it’s because I came back from the beach Monday, and then yesterday was my “work from a coffee shop” day (except instead of a coffee shop I worked from my back patio because it was so pleasant outside)…I just feel like it can’t be Wednesday already. Not a bad thing, I suppose! Before we know it the weekend will be here…except I work on Saturdays, soooo….HA!

Anyway, this jumpsuit is another look from the beach over the weekend. I wanted to be able to squeeze in a few more shoots while we were there but the weather didn’t cooperate with us! I tried this jumpsuit on for you on instastories the other week and was sold on it! I loved how flowy the pants were-makes things so much more comfortable for me. Not to mention, the color is one that I seem to gravitate towards all the time!

If you have any upcoming trips this summer, this would be something great and easy to pack. While it does wrinkle, it takes care of one whole outfit for you. Plus it has a bit of a tropical vibe to it!

For those of you that love a good versatile piece because you have to dress up for work, this would be a great option. To cover your arms or make it look a little more polished you could easily toss on a structured blazer and some heels!

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit /// Bag /// Sandals


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