Recent Shoe Purchases I Love

I feel like most gals, I have always been fond of shoes. I can never have too many! Growing up, my Dad used to call me Imelda Marcos (she was known for her insane shoe collection) because of my love for shoes!

I would love to say that it has died down, but here we are, writing a blog post dedicated to my most recent shoe purchases (notice it’s plural….shoes.).  Like other things I purchase, there are hits and misses sometimes.

So let’s chat about shoes, shall we?!

Outfit Details

For some reason I haven’t always been a fan of white shoes. I don’t know what it is about them, but they were just never a style/color that called to me when shopping! These though, for some reason I just loved. The style, the price point, the comfort-all factors that have made me glad I bought them! I have worn them multiple times since getting them, too! I guess I never realized just how much white goes with!

Outfit Details

These shoes are just the cutest, not to mention comfortable! I had purchased a pair of yellow sandals not too long ago and they were soooo narrow. There was no way I was getting my feet into them, and I don’t even have wide feet! I was on the hunt for new ones to replace them and found these when I was looking online! They even come in multiple colors-beautiful colors! They are incredibly soft, too!

Outfit Details

Let me tell you-every time I wear these shoes I get a ton of compliments on them! They were so affordable too. People can’t believe it when I tell them how much they were! I like to think that the black is the perfect neutral but with the pearls, the shoes have a little bit of an extra kick to them!

Over the last several years I have gravitated towards flats so I am always so excited when I see a cute, embellished pair that have the look of heels without the discomfort!

Outfit Details

These shoes! Such a great investment and they go with so much! I will say though, I have just about twisted my ankle multiple times while wearing them. Yikes! I think because they are flatforms it’s easier for me to kind of walk off of the side of them, if that even makes sense?!

Despite my clumsiness, I am so glad I bought these! I have worn them multiple times, dressed up and dressed down both with jeans, dresses and jumpsuits!

Outfit Details

These shoes are the newest in my collection and quickly becoming the most loved. They are insanely comfortable. The straps are basically elastic, so keep that in mind when wearing them-they leave marks at the end of the day.

I will say I was surprised at just how comfortable they were-I wasn’t anticipating it at all! I feel like I could walk and walk in them and be totally ok!


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