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As I type this we are on the plane headed to the south and the heat that comes along with it. While planning, a lot of you reached out to let me know just how hot it is in New Orleans. I had an idea initially, but I guess I didn’t know just how hot it was going to be until you all chimed in.

With that in mind, I headed straight towards the beauty department at Target, my local Ulta, and my beauty cabinet to find the best products to help me beat the heat…if not beat it then maybe just lessen the awfulness of it a bit, perhaps.

MegaBabe Bust Dust: This amazing anti boob sweat (natural) powder is everything dreams are made of! It’s made with bacteria fighting lavender and chamomile (soothing). It is also formulated with talc for that extra protection from sweat. I have been using this for a few weeks now and I must say it’s pretty amazing. Even if you aren’t venturing into the heat of the south, this is just great for those super hot days of summer. Can’t recommend this enough!

MegaBabe Thigh Rescue: If you are anything like me, you suffer from the dreadful chafing during the summer months. So annoying, right?! Enter MegaBade Thigh Rescue. Like their Bust Dust, I have been using this for weeks now and have no idea how I have lived without it for so long. It is made with aloe and Vitamin E with soothes, pomegranate seed extract protects, and grapeseed oil hydrates.

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes: I have been using these for well over a year and always have them on me. They come in a super slim pack so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your bag. It’s just an nice, easy and convenient way to freshen up when you need it. I feel like my underarms are somewhat sensitive and I have never had these irritate me at all. They are aluminum free, biodegradable, and the ones I use in particular have a blend of essential oils and coconut milk.

BeautyBlender Blotterazzi: This is a great reusable and washable alternative to oil blotting papers and something I typically try to keep this with me in my bag year round and all the time. It does a great job of helping to get rid of excess oil and you can’t beat the fact that it’s reusable!

e.l.f. Oil Blotting Wipes: Even though I try to do some preventive things to stop the oil, some days it’s just inevitable. I naturally have combo skin, so I feel like I am just more prone to have an oily face. Add in super high temps and awful humidity and it just can’t be avoided. I sometimes like to toss these into my bag when I don’t have my BeautyBlender Blotterazzi with me or even double up. This is good to get the excess because some days extra reinforcement is just needed! These are super affordable too! At only $1.00, you can’t beat the price.

NYX Cosmetics Matte Setting Spray: I have been using this for quite some time. Like I’ve said, because of my combo/oily skin I gravitate towards anything ‘matte.’ Is this spray groundbreaking? Not quite, but I do notice a slight difference when I don’t use it!

Rodan + Fields Oil Control Lotion: Full disclosure-I am a Rodan + Fields consultant so I am a little biased to their products, but this Oil Control Lotion is amazing. This lotion is a part of the Unblemish Regimen-I typically use a combo of the Reverse Regimen (hello brown spots) and the Redefine regimen (hello wrinkles) but I add this lotion into my routine because it truly helps control the oil on my face, particularly on super hot days. I love how it makes me skin feel less oily without over drying!


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