Mommy in Heels: Current Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Yes, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still happening! And yes, there are still some pretty great items that are up for grabs at great prices!

I broke down this post into different categories for you, for easy shopping. I combed through pages and pages and picked the best of the best (to me, at least!) to make it easier for you!! I also chose a few from each category to highlight!!

If you have any questions at all just ask!


This cardigan has been an MVP for a lot of gals. I ordered it and have already worn it-we got a lot of rain and the temps chilled  a little so I was able to break it out. It’s really flattering, super comfortable, and true to size. It also comes in a few colors, as well as Plus size!

I chatted about these jeans in my stories the other day (you can still see them in my Highlights)! They are insanely comfortable and fit so well (you can read about them in more detail here). Really flattering and totally affordable, they have quickly become a new favorite of mine!



I have heard nothing but good things about these leggings (I have a pair coming in the mail!). So many of you have raved about them! I love that they come in so many sizes, too! You really can’t go wrong with a great pair of basic, black leggings.

I have this cardigan and love it! It’s super cozy and I love how it can be worn two different ways. It also comes in multiple colors as well! This is true to size, you’ll be good to go sticking with your normal size.



I have recently become a fan of Living Proof-they volume/texture spray is phenomenal. With heading out of town for a few days, I knew I wanted to bring it along, so I grabbed this travel set. So perfect and can’t recommend enough!

Amazing things have been said about this DryBar set. Their curling iron/wand is supposed to work wonders as is their hair products. I have had this set in and out of my cart multiple times… it worth it?!?!



Isn’t it amazing how fast our kids grow? Just when you think you’ve purchased enough, they have suddenly outgrown everything! This sale I think is a great time to grab basics like these sneakers. I love the pretty color, and they are of course totally practical for every day wear!

This jacket is also so adorable. I love the colors, and it would be a great summer to fall/later winter to spring transition jacket. You know those days where it’s a little chilly but not cold enough for a heavy jacket? That’s what this would be great for!



I love this Patagonia Jacket. I can honestly say we have never had one before, but I think it’s time! We have had plenty of North Face in the past, but when these are on sale, and at such good quality, you can’t pass it up!

What a practical thing a backpack is, right? I love this one in particular because of the touch of chambray. Plus, it’s something that I know Ryan would never buy for himself so it would make a great gift!



When it comes to shoes, booties is something that I feel like I can never have enough of. With so many different styles and colors I feel like I can constantly be adding a different pair to my closet. I love the perforation on these, plus the color!

I feel like I wear sneakers now more than any other kind of shoe. I love a good white pair, and these are no exception! You can never go wrong with a good pair of everyday Nike’s!



This sports bra is supposed to be amazing! It can be so hard to find a good bra in general, let alone a sports bra! Have any of you tried it?! It has a compression fit to it, which I think makes it sound like it would totally hold everything where it’s supposed to be!

This bra is great for plus size or larger chested gals. It’s such a great brand, and they are super flattering and really pretty-something that is hard to find with bras, the larger they get!



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