Mommy in Heels: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Ok guys, bear with me as I chat the Nordstrom sale! I know most of you are sick of it and it’s only been a day! As ‘in your face’ as everyone may be about it, I must say there are some really great things that you can find during the sale so it is a good thing to take advantage of!

If you are a cardholder, then you are lucky enough to be able to shop now. If you aren’t, your time will come at the end of the month!

I had all of these nice collages made for you, but things were just not working, so here we are, with an easy, clickable, non organized post, but you get the idea, right?!

I will let you know though what I have purchased so far! I may do one more post at some point during the sale, but most likely you can find all of my NSale updates on instagram. I created a highlight on my profile page of all of my picks and other things I share on instagram! If there is anything specific you want me to look for or find just let me know!

I know I said earlier this month on isntagram that I would be focusing on finding great denim this month-I will be sharing a detailed blog post in the coming weeks with a great brand I have grown quite fond of! Can’t wait to share more!

In the mean time, happy shopping, and take a look at the bottom of my post to see what I snagged so far!



Madewell Jeans: I am super excited for these. I really love the Madewell jeans I have  and they are such good quality. Hoping these fit just as amazing as the others I have!

Halogen Mules: I am not so sure about the heels on these, but I love the print so I figured I would give them a try! Here is hoping they look super cute on!

Topshop Cardigan: I have a feeling this is going to sell out quickly! It comes in several colors (I got it in rose)! How cozy does it look?!

Steve Madden Mules: I am SO excited for these! I absolutely love the orange color-I was so torn between that and the mustard yellow!

Madewell Button Up: As of late, I haven’t been one to turn down a good button up. I think they look so cute tucked in, but also knotted! I can wear both Large and XL in Madewell-I opted for the XL, so I am hoping it fits!

BP Colorblock Sweater: I don’t know what about this sweater I loved, but I knew I had to have it! I got it in the black and tan shade-looks super cozy!

BP Cardigan: I always seem to stock up on cardigans during this sale. They are such good staples to have! I grabbed this in the mustard shade.


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