New Orleans: My Packing List

Hope you all are having a great week! We are heading out tomorrow to New Orleans-no kids, just friends! We are super excited. I have been to New Orleans twice before but it was in college. Once my freshman year and again my junior year for Mardi Gras. While I had a great time, it will be nice to see New Orleans from a mature, adult’s point of view!

Today I am sharing what I am packing for our trip. I plan to share how I style what I pack after we get back, along with a post on what we saw, did, ate and drank while there! I have been told by a ton of people that the heat is insane, so I plan to possiobly do a post on how I keep my beauty in check with all of the heat and humidity! Can’t wait to share with you all! Until then, here’s a peek at what’s in my suitcase!



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