Palm Print Jumpsuit for the Curvy Gal

Who can ever say no to a jumpsuit? Certainly not me! While they make it such a pain in the butt to go to the bathroom, they are such an easy thing to wear! Total transparency though- wish this particular jumpsuit, because of how it ties in the back it makes it damn near impossible to go to the bathroom by yourself-HA! You need to have a husband/girlfriend/whoever you feel comfortable with take the trip with you so they can untie the back for you!

I realized that when we were out and about-needless to say I decided to just wait until we got home! BUT! With all of that said, I would still wear this over and over again because it is just that cute!

As far as sizing goes, I am wearing the XL and it fits well. I like the top because you can tie it however tight or loose you want it. I was brave and didn’t wear a bra with it and I felt super secure because of how tight I had it tied. I am not usually one to go braless (I’m a 38D) but I took my chances!!

My wedges definitely dress the jumpsuit down but this could easily be dressed up with a fun pair of heels. I picture this for a fun bridal/baby shower or even a wedding!

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit /// Shoes /// Bag /// Sunglasses


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