The Perfect Denim with Wit & Wisdom

One thing in my closet that I can never seem to get enough of or have enough of is denim. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly on the hunt for a great pair! For me though, sometimes jean shopping can be as frustrating as bathing suit shopping! So many cuts, washes, rises-it can be overwhelming.

This month I went on a bit of a hunt to find some great jeans that I feel amazing in, and work with my figure. One thing that is  important to me when trying to find the right pair of jeans is being able to move in them, or “mom” in them as I always say-haha! If they fit the bill then they come home with me!

One of my recent favorites that I have grown to love is Wit & Wisdom, available at Nordstrom-I love that they design jeans that are wearable for real women like me.

Ab-Solution Ankle Skinny Stretch Jeans

Wit & Wisdom’s jeans have what is called Ab-solution technology which means they have a no gap waistband. They are specially fitted with a no-gap elastic waistband so it fits you and if you are anything like me, your on-the-go lifestyle! You could totally “mom” in them! They also have amazing, slimming mesh panels in the front of the jeans. These power mesh panels help flatten and smooth (amen to that!). They’re even fitted with an ultra stretch which expand where they need to but hug you where you want! I am telling you-these are the kind of jeans that I can move and groove in. It may be silly, but when I am trying jeans on to see if they are a good fit I sit, squat, kick, and do some deep lunges to make sure they work-these do. 

I can’t forget to mention that their jeans also have a Booty Lift with sweetheart yoke and darts. The sweetheart yoke stitch gives the illusion of a booty lift (ummm hello!) There are also strategically placed pockets to help boost your assets. I must say, when I saw the pictures of me in these the first thing I noticed was how amazing my rear looked. I am not one to typically be like “wow I look good!!” but wow! These jeans look so good!

As far as sizing, I would say they run true to size! Both of these are size 14, which is what I normally wear!

Another thing that makes Wit & Wisdom jeans so wearable for me is that the fabric is a sculpting stretch fabric. You hear me? Stretch. How amazing are jeans that actually have stretch in them and move when you move and how you move? These jeans I am wearing in particular have a great amount of stretch to them-even in the waist with the Ab-solution elastic waistband- and are incredibly soft. You know those jeans-the one where you don’t have to immediately unbutton them when you get home?! That’s these jeans!!

Best of all, they are available at Nordstrom and are a part of the anniversary sale! I am particularly fond of the ones I have, but the selection is pretty great-plus size, shorts, distressed. 

This post is sponsored by Wit & Wisdom. Although compensated, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Photos: Brady Pappas



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