Beauty With Rite Aid

I have always been a sucker for great beauty products-anything makeup/hair/skin I get weak in the knees over. Take me anywhere that has any of those products and it’s like I don’t already have a vanity full of  anything and everything. But this nude lipstick is just slightly different than the five I already have! But this moisturizer helps with wrinkles and dullness-the one I have at home is just for wrinkles. My hair could use more volume, nevermind the two full bottles of shampoo and conditioner I have at home!

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I know I am not alone when I so easily give into all the beauty goodies, especially when there is a sale or a really good coupon!

Rite Aid has a great Wellness and Beauty Program that offers a lot of P&G personal care products like Olay Whips and Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Collection. They have a great Wellness + Beauty offer for this week (all the more reason to buy more!!): Buy One Get One 50% Off on P&G skin and bath products and bundles of Pantene products priced at $3.99!!

Time to stock up (or just keep adding) to your vanity!!

I didn’t start truly taking care of my skin until a few years so while I like to stick to a few great things I use for my skin that are tried and true, I do always love to incorporate something new here and there. At my age, and how poorly I took care of my skin growing up (I’m talking to you tanning beds and SPF4) I am willing to try new things! One thing I like to look for in my moisturizers in particular is whether or not it is lightweight. I don’t like the feeling of having my skincare products sitting on my skin-I want to feel like I have nothing at all on my face! Olay Regenerist Whip feels super lightweight and not thick at all. It absorbs fast too, which I perfer-I like to be able to continue with the rest of my regimen, which includes applying my makeup, right away.

This might be my favorite about Olay Regenerist Whip-it has a matte finish! I’ve shared with you all before about my love for all things matte. It’s hard to find any sort of moisturizer that provides a matte finish, so this was a welcomed surprise.

Growing up, I remember one big thing I wanted to feel grown up was Pantene! I remember getting it for the first time and feeling like such an adult, like it was a right of passage going from kid shampoo to such an adult shampoo/conditioner! The fact that I can still use it now, and share it with my daughters shows how great it is-it stands the test of time! Currently, their Daily Moisture Renewal is great because it keeps my girls’ hair moisturized from all of the swimming they’ve been doing this summer (totally jealous!), and it helps my hair from all of the heat damage it gets on a daily basis whether it’s from my hair dryer, curling wand or straightener!


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