Two Must Have Summer to Fall Transition Jackets

Whether we like it or not, fall is just around the corner (even though the weather doesn’t make it feel like it!). One thing I love about fall, besides the crisp, cool air, is the fall fashion (I am not a huge pumpkin person, so the whole #PSL thing just doesn’t do it for me….does that make me a bad blogger?!?).

I tend to gravitate towards the same few jackets to get me through the semi cold weather-neutrals and classics that I can wear season after season. With fall coming in the next few weeks, I figured I would share my favorites with you!

moto jacket is a must for me. Black is perfect because it goes with so much, and it’s what I seem to wear the most, but I must say my olive faux suede moto jacket gets a ton of wear as well. I love them because they can be an easy addition to complete a whole look, and add a little edge!


A utility jacket is another piece that I can’t seem to live without.  I have had one for many seasons, in different variations-with a hood, without a hood, cinched waist, shorter sleeves. It seems to be my go-to when my outfit calls for something other than a denim jacket. They have stood the test of time (for me at least) for the last several seasons so I think it’s safe to say they are here to stay.

While I typically gravitate towards jeans and a top, I do love tossing it over a dress just to give it a whole different look! It gives off a more casual, “I just tossed this look together” vibe that looks great on so many!




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