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Happy Wednesday! We’ve made it half way through the week! A few weeks ago (I think it was?) I did a post answering some frequently asked questions-you guys seemed to love it!

I figured I would give it another go, but this time focus on questions about blogging and business. You all had some great questions!

While I won’t get to all of them, I will answer several as best as I can! Keep in mind, I am not an expert, don’t know it all, and there are certainly people out there more knowledgeable on all of these things…these answers are just based on my point of view and experiences with blogging and owning my boutique!

D0 you contact companies directly for PR boxes or do PR companies send them to you?

The majority of the time, brands or PR companies reach out to me/my agent to ask for my mailing address. Sometimes I reach out to a PR company to request to be added to their mailing list but more often than not, they contact me!

How do you get paid when it comes to blogging? Is it bi weekly, once a month?

This is such a great question! Most people are surprised to hear that you can make money from blogging. While I am super proud of the following I created, there are some bloggers that are SO much bigger than me and making well over six figures. Yes-six figures. I am not quite there yet (not even in the same galaxy lol!), but I am finally to the point where I am making a steady income and contributing to my family income and it feels so great. I have been blogging for six years and have worked so hard!

For my affiliate links (the ‘swipe ups,’ LIKETOKNOW.IT, and links you click on within my blog post) I get paid every other week. While the amount I get paid isn’t the same, it has become steady within the last year or so. You might be wondering how the affiliate links work-basically, when I use a certain link and you click on it, and make a purchase I earn a commission. The commission varies from retailer to retailer (seriously, some places the commission is like thirty cents-haha) as well.

In addition to affiliate links I can earn money via sponsored posts/collaborations with brands. Any time you see an #ad or #sponsored in an instagram post or something similar to that within a blog post, that means it is paid. My rates vary depending on how extensive the collaboration is-just an isntagram post, or if a blog post is included, instastories, exclusivity (meaning I can’t work with a similar brand for X amount of time), photography rights-those are all factored into my rate. These are typically a one time rate and can be pretty sporadic but lucrative!

Taylor from The Daily Tay recently wrote a really great post on how we get paid as bloggers-she goes into a lot of detail!

How do you get to do sponsored posts? Do you reach out to companies or the opposite?

Another great question-the answer is both! My agent and I work together to find the right contact for brands and then we do an initial reach out to them. Sometimes it evolves, sometimes it doesn’t!

There are brands though that reach out to me first, whether it is the brand directly or through their PR company. Regardless of how the collaboration starts out, my agent Paige and I keep  in communication with each other. She is so much better at words than I am so she is a huge help when it comes to drafting emails and negotiating terms of a contract!


How do you keep yourself and your family safe from creepers/stalkers?

Ahhhhh! This scares me sometimes-I would be lying if I said it didn’t. I do think blogging/instagram is not super different than posting on facebook-I see so many people post way more of their children on there than I do on my blog and social media. One thing I never do on instagram or even facbook, really, regardless of whether or not my kids are in the picture is tag my location. It’s not worth it. I don’t care if I am missing out on gaining more followers from not tagging my location, but it isn’t just worth it. I also don’t share anything about their schools-posting the name, or anything like that is out of the question. I cringe when I see people tag their children’s school on any social media…makes me nervous! But, to each his own!

What’s the best blog platform/template

When I started blogging 6 years ago, I started with Blogger. It’s easy to use, easy to navigate and modify. I used that until maybe a year ago? A little less than? I am now currently using WordPress and I don’t know why I waited so long to make the switch. Actually, I do know why-it was expensive! Plus the thought of learning a new platform was a little overwhelming. What I like about WordPress is that I actually own my blog, website, and all of the information on it, whereas with Blogger, you don’t own anything-Google does. Make sense?

Looking back on all of my years of blogging, and now using WordPress,  I would just say start with WordPress, especially if this is something you know you want to put a lot of time into and take it seriously! I have taught myself so much over the last year-YouTube videos are extremely helpful in learning how to navigate WordPress and all of it’s features.

Does your family ever get annoyed with you having your phone around all the time? 

Honestly, the only thing they get annoyed about is having to do photo shoots. I am to the point now where Ryan and I have been discussing having a professional photographer shoot me more than him. It’s not that he doesn’t want to help, or we don’t enjoy spending the time together, I just think my blog/brand is getting to a place professionally that a professional photog might be what I need!

That would also eliminate the moans and groans I hear from the girls when I say we have to squeeze in a photo shoot-haha! Some days they’re like “Yayyyy!!!” because they can run around and play, but other times I can feel the eye rolls I get from them!

We live in a world now where having our phones on us is just second nature, so my girls an Ryan don’t really think twice about it. I also think I am a pretty good judge of what to share and what not to share. Some things just don’t need to be chatted about on instastories, and others make for great and/or funny conversation. What I do for a living-blogging/influencer-isn’t for everyone, but it works for us and the girls and Ryan support it!

I am dying to start mine (blog) again but I feel like its so saturated. Advice?

I feel like this sometimes, too if I am being honest. It’s hard not to when you see the same cardigan over and over and over again. (Not excluding me from this convo…I am a sucker for a good cardi haha). While I do feel sometimes that it is saturated, I truly feel like there is room for everyone.

You just need to find something that separates you from the pack. What sets you apart and will help you stand out among the masses? For me, it’s my candidness, my vulnerability with my followers and I also think a little bit my size. These have helped me create my own niche and carve out my tiny little part of social media.

Don’t get discouraged-it’s hard and there are definitely days where you will be, but just know there is room for everyone!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for want-to-be college business students?

INTERNSHIPS. Do as many as you can. I didn’t do any when I was in college (granted, it was 200-2004 and internships weren’t pushed as hard) and I 100% regret it. Not only is it a great opportunity to make connections and build bridges, it is also the chance to learn what you like and don’t like in that field.

Volunteer as well-job shadow, interview, etc. Do anything you can to get your foot in the door and meet people and stay connected/keep in touch. That person that you job shadowed last year may be a great resource when the time comes to apply for a job.

Ok…that’s all for now! I will be sure to do another blog post to answer the remaining questions I didn’t get to!





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