Overalls Worth Splurging On

I have shared overalls on my blog before-I am a huge fan of my Madewell overalls (here, here). They are definitely on the pricier side, but the quality is really great and they are totally worth it. I thought about getting them for probably about a year before I actually ended up buying them, and I am mad I waited so long!

What I like about them is how versatile they can be. I have worn them with both sneakers, totally dressed down, and then a little more dressed up with mules or ballet flats!

Since I loved my regular overalls so much I wanted to give these a try. I will say while I love them, I had to size up. They don’t have nearly as much stretch as their regular ones, so in order to accommodate I had to size up.

Like I said, I do realize these are on the more expensive side, so I found a few more affordable options that I will share below for you all. While I do like to splurge on more expensive items here and there, I want to keep the focus of my blog what it always has been-affordable and accessible fashion for you all!

Outfit Details:
Overalls /// Top /// Cardigan /// Shoes /// Sunglasses /// Hat (similar)




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