Dressed Down Faux Leather Skirt

Hope you all had a great weekend!! We had one of those weekends that was much needed-a weekend of no plans! Literally-none at all. I love busy weekends that are filled with friends and things to do, but sometimes it just feels so refreshing to have a weekend where you don’t hang out with anyone but yourselves, am I right?

Thanks to my awesome employee, Sarah, I had the day off on Saturday and no plans. That is rare! Usually when I am off on a Saturday it is because we have something-a party, going out of town, etc. But this Saturday was an exception! It actually worked out, though because we ended up doing things to get ready for our drywall to be worked on upstairs!

Friday evening the girls and I headed out to get Ryan his birthday gifts from them his birthday was yesterday!) and then we went out to dinner! This outfit was a favorite of mine-you know those outfits that you put on and instantly love? This is it! While at work, I did have it on with this sweater, which I loved equally as much as I did with this sweater I’m wearing!! Either way, I love the idea of taking a super dressy pieces like this skirt and dressing it down with a pair of sneakers. If I am being honest, I gravitate towards sneakers so much more than anything else!!

Outfit Details:
Sweater (similar) /// Skirt  (Plus version)/// Shoes /// Sunglasses


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