Fall Family Style with Old Navy

I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time of year (before it became trendy to love fall…haha!). I love the excitement of the holiday season approaching (Halloween included), the crisp chill in the air-yay for not sweating and not having to bundle up-and also the fashion!

It’s usually this time of year that my girls equate to getting new clothes. Be it the change in temperature, their insane growth spurts, or just their love of clothes (I wonder where they get it from?!?!), they love to add to their closets just as much as I do!

Besides being affordable, what I love about Old Navy is that I can shop for the whole family there. I know I can get myself something cute while grabbing a new pair of jeans for my girls and then also toss in the cart a new jacket or flannel for Ryan. It makes shopping so much easier.

I’ve been wearing my High Rise Secret Slim Pocket Rockstars in Faded Black pretty frequently lately-I love the faded charcoal color and the button fly detail. They are also incredibly comfortable (and come in over 35 different washes).Ella wanted a similar pair for herself-how could I say no? I love the raw edge detail and the distressing-she loved them!

Another thing that I love about fall is layering! Give me all the layers! Whether you are like my husband and love a good classic plaid flannel and puffer vest combo, with a great pair of jeans or like me and love just a great, sherpa lined denim jacket, there is literally something for everyone no matter how you like to layer!

I will say though, that I can’t even handle how adorable Charlotte and Ella look and the selection for their size-cozy outerwear like Charlotte’s faux fur vest and adorable tops like Ella’s velvet tee-how on trend, right? I know a lot of people think of florals being meant for spring, but there is something to be said about rich, warm florals for the fall. Besides somewhat matching me in our faded black denim, Ella  felt so cool that we were both sporting velvet tops! (and how cool that she still considers being like me ‘cool’)

Outfit Details:
Ella: Top /// Jeans
Charlotte: Top /// Vest /// Jeans
Rebecca: Jacket /// Top /// Jeans
Ryan: Vest /// Top /// Jeans
Photography: Brady Pappas

Let’s talk my overall favorite fall trends though-give me all the velvet, all the florals, cozy outerwear and faded black denim! Sounds like the equation for the perfect fall outfit, doesn’t it?

Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 


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