Home Reno: The What’s, The How’s and the Why’s

Here we are, posting on a Tuesday! With adding more content to the blog-family, lifestyle, etc. I added a couple of more days of posting to the week! Actually, just one more day. Typically I post M/W/F but I decided to add in another day so I could bring you all more content!

I’ve been sharing on instastories the process of renovating our upstairs. A process it has been! We are adding another room upstairs in order to have more room overall (literally and figuratively haha). When we built this home about 8 years ago, we weren’t sure it was our forever home-we built it according to what our tastes were, and with the thought that just maybe we will stay here forever, but also knowing we weren’t married to the home.

Fast forward 8 years, and we’ve made this house into a home. We love it here, love our neighborhood, our friends, the girls’ schools and have just become comfortable! Like most things, our tastes have changed over the last several years, and of course hindsight is 20/20, right?

When we built our home, there was a huge empty space above the garage. At the time I thought ‘why not turn it into a huge walk in closet?’ While it was so great to have such a huge close, we should have just made it into a bedroom at the time. I have found over the last several years of having such a large closet that it am actually less organized. I thought for sure it would force me to be organized, but it’s been quite the opposite!

I think when I snapped these pictures 8 years ago is the cleanest and most organized it has ever been! There is a nook on the right side of the closet that we had a desk and a little cube organizer in but I could kick myself for not getting any pictures of it! We have talked about changing things around upstairs, but it was just a matter of timing for us, and especially logistics! It would essentially be a matter of us making our current master bedroom smaller and making the massive walk in closet into a room, which would be our master bedroom!

(The picture quality is terrible…remember this was taken 8 years ago on my phone-haha! Believe it or not we haven’t really taken any photos of our closet over the years)

This is the beginning stages of the process, standing from our bedroom door looking into the master. You can see where the blue tape is-that is what will be a new wall sectioning off the bedroom and making a new hallway! The cutout in the wall is what will be a new closet for that room!

Ella will be moving into this new room, Ryan and I will be moving into the new bedroom (our former closet), so we will be left with an extra guest bedroom!

Alright, so the left picture is our master room-you can see the door leading into our master bath (there is a door in there that leads into the massive walk in closet (which will be our new room). They closed off the door to the bathroom and created a new door into what will be our room…confused yet?! HA!

The wall going up to create the hallway, new bedroom for Ella! What is nice is that she will have a decent sized room still (bigger than the one she is in now…she is lucking out!).

Almost closed off on the left to completely walled off on the right. It’s amazing what Ryan and his Dad (they are literally doing everything) are accomplishing on a daily basis!! Also, I can’t believe how wide the hallway still is. Makes me realize just how big our master bedroom was. With that said, I’ve realized that I don’t need a massive bedroom or closet. We just don’t spend enough time in there, nor am I organized enough to really need such a large space. Anyone else with me on this?

So these were taken from standing in the doorway to what will be our bedroom (former walk in closet). In the left photo, that doorway is into Ella’s new room. The right photo, that opening is into the hallway, and is what was the doorway to our master bedroom. Crazy, right?!?!

Finally, this is our former walk in closet/new master bedroom. Smaller than our previous, but like I said I’ve realized I don’t need anything big! That big square on the back wall will be a window, which is being installed as I type this! Immediately on the left of the picture is the doorway into our master bath, so we will still have direct access to it, which was important to us!

Some logistics:

Ella’s new room will be painted a light gray, the same color as her current room. She wanted a specific color, but honestly her favorite color changes every year and we basically told her we weren’t changing the paint to match her fave color! We settled on gray and said we’d be happy to swap out a bedspread or pillow when her tastes change!

The carpet is staying in Ella’s room as well. It’s in pretty decent condition and is neutral enough that it will look great. The carpet is coming up in the hallway and our bedroom as well. We were going to keep it in our new bedroom, but once Ryan and his Dad removed our closet shelving they discovered the carpet didn’t go all the way to the wall!

We are repainting the hallway…it won’t be that awful blue color (which I am still baffled as to what I liked about it years ago?!?!). We aren’t sure what color it will be yet, but definitely not blue!

Our new bedroom will also be a gray as well…I just feel like it’s such a nice neutral!


We aren’t done yet though……


After the upstairs is finished, we have a whole new project downstairs…..our kitchen!! I will leave with you some inspiration pins that I have been accumulating…I can’t seem to stop! You can check out the sources for these two inspo pics as well as all of my other Home Decor pins on my Pinterest page!



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