Target Dressing Room Try On

If there is one thing I know you all like, it’s dressing room try ons. I try to get as detailed as possible when I am doing them (without making a video in the dressing room….I just can’t bring myself to talk in a dressing room lol) for instagram/stories but I figured I would take this one to the blog to be able to add a little bit more detail!

If you have any questions at all about the fit/sizing/etc. just let me know!Skirt /// Top

Ok, so this skirt/top combo was the first that I tried on and I loved it. Always good to start out on a high note, right? This skirt is XL and it fits me perfectly. I worry about midi skirts because sometimes they can add too much bulk to areas that don’t need it, but this just laid so nicely on me and I felt was super flattering. While I love it with this top, I could totally see me dressing it down with a pair of sneakers and denim jacket for a more casual look!

This top is a great basic to have in your closet. While I am wearing it in a XL, I feel like I could have sized down to a large to have more of a fitted look. I think the material was a bit thin. I think wearing a black bra underneath would really help! You can see how I dressed down this top with the pants below!

Pants /// Top

I wasn’t sure about these jeans/pants. This particular style can be a hit or miss on me. It’s all in where it hits me on the hips and the length of them. I was pleasantly surprised when I put these on-so incredibly soft, lightweight and easy to move in. I am wearing the extra large (typically a size 14) and they fit really well.

As far as styling, I would suggest keeping the top more on the fitted side, simply because there is so much to the pants! I think simple mules or ballet flats would compliment these pants really well, too!

Trench /// Top /// Jeans

Oh my this trench-haha! I loved it on the hanger, and I still kind of do love it, but Lord does this run big! I am not a small gal as you all know, and this large was large. I didn’t get a chance to try on the medium, but I would be willing to venture a guess that it would maybe still be a tad big.

Regardless of size though, I love the style of it. I think this would look best with neturals, and would be a nice added touch over basic dresses or jeans/top combos.

Top /// Jeans

I love a good plaid button up, especially one that is on the longer side. These types of button ups vary for me as far as sizing. As a 36E, I typically have the gapping problem in the chest area. The large in this was no exception. Because of that I would size up to the XL. What I also like about this top is that’s very soft. Sometimes plaid tops can be on the stiffer side (at least to me), and this isn’t which makes me love it even more!

A top like this is perfect for layering (see pic above and below) and is what I would consider a fall staple!

Jacket /// Top /// Jeans

This jacket! Usually I am not one for jackets in this color-I am typically a black/khaki/army green kind of gal, but for some reason this rich burgundy color just spoke to me! I love the gold accents on it-the buttons, the pocket detail. I think they make the jacket! Just like other jackets, they are typically something that I have to try on before I buy. Sizes vary, and I need to make sure I have room to move and groove. The large in this jacket fit well, even with the long sleeve top underneath it.

This kind of jacket would be a great staple to have from now until the bitter winter. Being able to toss it over just about anything, from a graphic tee and sneakers to an adorable sweater and booties, this is an easy “toss on and go” item to bring together a whole outfit!

Vest /// Top /// Jeans

Everyone needs a great, basic white button up shirt. I prefer ones that are on the softer side, and also a little bit longer too. I loved this one-but for some reason I couldn’t get it to lay right on me. Chalk it up to being super hot (why are dressing rooms always so hot?!) and somewhat in a hurry! I do recommend it though, just because of how soft and movable it was! I wore an XL in this and it fit my perfectly.

This vest is a “one size fits most” vest-I typically love these but I didn’t love this one on me. There was a lot of bulk to it, and a lot of draping that I just couldn’t get comfortable with. Again though, I do love the idea of something like this because it’s a great alternative layering piece to a jacket!

Poncho Vest /// Top /// Jeans

Ok, this poncho vest is more my speed. Also a “one size fits most” this is just less bulky than the last one, and I feel is just overall more flattering. I love the plaid print of it, but I also feel like it’s still pretty classic and can be worn from season to season.

I picture wearing this with a pair of mules or booties, and an adorable floppy hat. I  think the whole look is the epitome of fall and would be such a sweet weekend outfit for all of your fall festivities! This could be easily tossed on over a dress, too if you would like to dress it up a bit more!


This top is the same I am wearing under the plaid poncho, but I wanted you to be able to get a closer look at it because it’s adorable. It also comes in a really pretty mustard color too. I love the neckline and the texture of the shirt! I am wearing the XL, so I would say it’s true to size. This is a great work to play top-easily dressed up with a skirt or dress pants and then will look equally as fab with a pair of jeans!

Cardigan /// Tee

I think this cardigan might have been just about my favorite thing I tried on! I was drawn to it as soon as I started browsing-it was actually the first thing I tossed into my cart! Before even trying on I knew I was going to love it, and it didn’t disappoint! I love how muted the colors are and how soft it is.

I paired it with a basic, sleeveless tank (which I love and seems to be my go-to) but this would look good tossed over a dress as well. I am wearing a large in the cardigan and XL in the tank (which comes in other colors)!

Here is a closer look at the camo cardign…even better up close, isn’t it?!?!


If you’re looking for a nice, slightly oversized sweater, this is it! I could totally wear this in a large, but I sized up to the XL so it would be a little bit looser on me. I don’t know why I didn’t get it, honestly! It is really comfortable, has great texture to it and is somewhat lightweight, which I prefer in my sweaters. I like them to keep my warm but not toasty, if that even makes sense?!

While I naturally toss a sweater like this on with a pair of jeans, I think this is the kind of slightly oversized sweater that would look adorable tossed on over a jersey dress with a pair of mules, loafers or booties and a floppy hat, or this would look great with a fitted, somewhat of a mini (think like lower to mid thigh like this skirt)

Cami /// Kimono

If you’ve followed me for a while then it’s no surprise that I loved this kimono/cami combo. It’s such an effortless look. While I am new to the whole cami trend I have to say I love it! For some reason I didn’t think it would be for me, mainly because I am a little more busty, but I have to say I love it! Usually I just wear a plain tee under kimonos and either do a front tuck or a little knot and it looks perfect!

I am wearing the XL in this cami (and have it in the light pink, and also got a velvet one as well). The straps are adjustable which makes it fit so much better. The kimono is the M/L and fits well too. Enough room to move around in, and I don’t feel restricted in it at all!

Another closeup-I love the detail of the cami…it’s so sweet!

Blazer /// Shoes

How about ending with a bang, right?! I went through a period where blazers were my cardigans-I had so many and wore them alllll the time. I don’t know why I ever stopped, but leave it to this one to bring them back into my closet! What I love about blazers is how I can dress them up and down. This would obviously be a great piece to wear to work but also looks great how I have it styled. I would also even wear it with a graphic tee and sneakers!

As for sizing, I am wearing a 12 and it fits just right. I think a 14 would be a little too big and a 10 would definitely be too small-overall I would say it is true to size. I typically don’t do a ton of layering underneath blazers other than tanks/short sleeve tops so I am comfortable with the fit. It does not have any stretch to it at all, so just keep that in mind!

Hope you all enjoyed this-I kind of loved doing it, so maybe I just might do more!!






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