Top 17 High Rise Jeans Every Gal Needs

Sometimes I feel like shopping for jeans can be as stressful as shopping for bathing suits. So many cuts, styles, rises and lengths to choose from. So many washes (medium, light, dark, distressed). It can be hard to figure out what looks best on your figure and also what you feel the most comfortable in-that to me is the most important!

Over the last several months I have worn and tried several jeans that have quickly become my favorites-I’m sharing them with you today and why I love them so much!


I did a post a few months ago on Wit & Wisdom (here) and how awesome they are. They are incredibly comfortable, more on the affordable side and are truly flattering. Their Ab-Solution technology is really slimming and just makes them fit well. Overall, the jeans are true to size-the size 14’s fit me just right!



Ohhhh Madewell. I wish I never would have started! I don’t really mean that actually. I am in love with Madewell and their jeans. I had heard great things about them for the longest time but never wanted to spend that much money on them. It was just too much for me. But guys-they are worth it. 100% worth it. The quality is so great, the fit is excellent, and I feel like they are just made for me. Out of the Madewell jeans I have, the boy jeans are my absolute favorite and the ones that, hands down, get the most wear out of all of my jeans!



It’s no surprise that I love Old Navy, from their adorable dresses, to their super comfortable jackets to their jeans. Their Rockstar jeans are a favorite of mine (read more about them here). They are incredibly affordable and for being so inexpensive, the quality is great. I am typically a 14 across the board in Old Navy jeans, including their Rockstar jeans. Because of that, I would definitely say they are for the most part true to size.



This brand always comes as a surprise to people when I am recommending what jeans I love. A lot of women my age are hesitant to try American Eagle because they think it’s a brand for younger people (read: not 36 year old moms like me-ha!). But I am telling you they are worth it! Their high rise jeggings are incredibly comfortable-there is plenty of stretch to them to be able to move and groove comfortably. I am typically a size 14 in their jeggings, but their mom jeans I tend to have to size up because that style in particular doesn’t have a lot of stretch to them!



Loft is typically a brand that I find doesn’t have a lot of high rise jeans, but every once in a while they do, and just like all of their other jeans, they are so great! I love how these ones in particular have a little but of distressing to them, but its not overdone. Loft jeans are great quality and have typically been true to size for me! I am 5’4″ and I will say I find myself cuffing their regular length, so keep that in mind!





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