Cyber Week Try On: Target

You all seem to love the try ons that I do over on my stories-I love that you love them so much, because I enjoy doing them so much! There are so many great sales happening throughout this whole week-right now at Target if you spend $40 or more you save $10 (and it’s only Tuesday!)

Skirt / Top

I adore this skirt! I had seen it on so many other gals and wanted to give it a try! In general, I love skirts like these-I think they are so flattering and always look cute dressed up or down! I am wearing the large here, and it fits really well. I do think that I could possibly get away with wearing the medium, only because I wear it higher waisted. Overall though, it is super comfortable.

I paired the skirt with this top. I love the idea of wearing a more fitted top with the skirt (like this fitted turtleneck) but I also love the look of wearing a looser fitting top and doing (surprise surprise) a front tuck! This top is true to size-I am wearing a large. I love the pleated detail at the shoulder-I think it’s so cute! It also comes in other colors as well.


Same skirt, different top. So this sweater is one that I already own (in a different color and size). The one I own is in the XL and it fits well. I loved the black and wanted to try it with this skirt, but all they had remotely close to my size was a medium, so I figured what the heck! Surprisingly, it fit really well. More fitted, obviously than the XL I already have, but looks great! I still can’t get over how soft and comfortable it feels!

So-as far as sizing goes, I would say you would be ok to stick to your normal size, but if you wanted a more fitted look, then you are ok to size down!


I loved this dress! I think it’s such a fun option to wear for any holiday parties that you may have! I am in the large-I will say that it was a tiny bit snug in the chest area (it has zero stretch), but if I were to size up, the XL would most likely be too big. I love how the overlay is sheer, too! A lot of plaid dresses have more of a flannel look and feel to them. Love how this is a dressier plaid than most I have seen!

I would probably wear this with my favorite moto jacket, jut to give it a little bit of edge, and pair it with black ankle booties. If you need to dress it up a bit more you could add a pair of fun earrings with these heels and you have yourself a perfect holiday look!


I initially loved the colors in this plaid shirt dress which is why I tossed it in my cart. Like I have said before, this style of dress can be a hit or miss for me. Most of the time they are too tight in the butt/hips/thighs but too big up top, or vice verse! I was skeptical, like always when trying this on but was pleasantly surprised!

I am wearing the XL so I would say it fits true to size! There is no stretch to it, but the XL lays nicely, and I feel really comfortable in it!


I realized I forgot to tie the belt around me for this picture, and unbelted it kind of gives off a nightgown vibe, no? Bear with me though-I love the idea of layering this dress with a cardigan like this one. While the one I am wearing is a tad too big (I am in the XL-only size they had), I think layering looks adorable. I picture this with either slip on sneakers or even tan/taupe/cognac ankle booties. I also think a great pair of OTK boots would look so fab with it! Not a fan of cardigans? Toss on a denim jacket-I think it would look just as cute!

Top /// Jeans

Ok-this top! I didn’t get it in store, then had regrets, so I ordered online! I love it. At first I thought it was too similar to things I already had, but what I think made me end up buying it was the fact that it was more of a dressier sweatshirt than a sweater. I am in the large and it fits really well. I love that it has an oversized fit to it without being frumpy! It also comes in another color, too!

These jeans-love them! I have been wearing boot/slim so much recently so I wanted to try and find a pair that were more of a jegging. These fit me really well, although I feel like I could possibly wear the short. These are regular length and for my personal taste are just a tad too long. (I am 5’4″) The stretch in them is really great-I feel like I can move in them comfortably, and the wash is prefect too! I feel like a medium wash is one that I am drawn to the most and this fits the bill!


I love an easy sweater like this, because it is such a great toss on and go piece. It comes in other colors too (love the burgundy) and is true to size! Something like this is a great staple to have in your closet-I feel like it’s something that will remain season after season because it’s such a simple layering piece.

I love reaching for a cardi sweater like this on days where I have no clue what to wear. Just pairing it with a pair of jeans and basic tee make your outfit look complete and well thought out!


Another great sweater for the cooler seasons ahead! While I liked it on me, I think I liked it on the hanger better! The fit is really great, and the colors are adorable and perfect for fall!

I am wearing the XL and I feel like the fit is is juuust right!!


Loooove this top! I feel like it’s very Madewell, only a quarter of the cost! Really comfortable, super great fit and I love how flattering it is.

Something like this could easily be a day to night top. Dress it up for work with a cute pair of cropped dress pants, and then wear with these jeans and a pair of mules or booties for a more dressed down, weekend look! The color is a perfect fall hue, as well!


Like I have shared many times before, I am a little iffy about peplum tops. Any that are super structured don’t really flatter me, but ones like this that are more of what I call a dropped peplum are a fave of mine!

I love how soft this one is and so comfortable. The colors together are a great pairing, too!


What a jacket!! I fell in love with the color-so pretty and rich-the epitome of fall, right? I wasn’t sure if it would make me feel bulky but I felt great! I am wearing a large-while it fits it was just a tad snug on me, but I do feel like the XL would be too big and add unnecessary bulk.

I think a jacket like this would be a fun alternative for a day to day jacket (before it gets super cold outside), but would also be cute for a holiday jacket!


I wanted to love this, but I just couldn’t-haha!! I am wearing the XL, and I feel like its a little big. I do feel like the large would be too small though. I love the idea of this, but I just couldn’t get on board with it for me!

Ok…..that is plenty for now! Keep checking back here (and on instagram, too) for other try ons later this week-Old Navy, American Eagle, Loft and possibly H&M!


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