Mommy in Heels: Gift Guide for Kids

Onto the next gift guide of the season: for kids! I didn’t really narrow it down to age ranges, so I just did a general one for boys and girls alike (I will say there really isn’t anything on here for super young kiddos). I tried to choose things that I thought would be super cool and different (save for maybe one or two items). Enjoy!

Bullet Journal and Pens: This is something I think we are going to get Ella. So many of you said that your tween daughters love having a bullet journal. Ella likes to jot down her feelings sometimes and truly enjoys art so I think this would be such a cute idea!

Baking Class cookbook: I don’t know about your kids, but my girls are obsessed with baking shows, particularly Nailed It! They loooove it and watch it all.the.time. If yours have the same fondness for baking shows, a cookbook would be the sweetest idea! Pairing it with some cute cooking accessories would be the icing on the cake (no pun intended-ha!).

Flexible Roll Up Drum Kit: How cool is this? I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of room and it can essentially go anywhere. It also has the option of connecting headphones to it so you can keep things a little more on the quiet side.

Laser Tag Set: I think I had this on the gift guide last year (?) but it is so much fun!! Ryan got this for the girls (read:him) last year and we play it a lot! It’s great for the colder months to play when you are cooped up inside! The girls love this, and are counting down the days until our renovation is done so we can play again!

DIY Ukelele Kit: I love the idea of not just giving a gift-I love that it’s DIY and the child can be apart of making their gift! It’s cool that it can be decorated, too!

Hatchibabies: This is supposed to be an “it” item this year, and something Charlotte has asked for repeatedly! I personally don’t get them or what they do, but Charlotte does! My guess is you’ll have to get this sooner rather than later!

Goodnight Stores for Rebel Girls: We have this book and love it. We read three of the stories every night and it makes for great discussions! It’s filled with so many awesome stories of women that I would love having my girls admire!

Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera: This is such a hit with the girls! I can’t recommend this enough for both boys and girls!

Cardboard Tool Kit: I love how kids seem to gravitate towards boxes. It’s never the gift they love, it’s the box it comes in, right?! The Cardboard Tool Kit is such a cool idea-it gives your little one the opportunity to turn a cardboard box into something cool!

Face Plates: So adorable, right? I figured something like these would make dinner time a little bit more fun and food a little more intriguing!

License Plate Game: My girls are always on the lookout for license plates they haven’t seen before, or just out of state ones! This is a cool way to keep track of what you have seen. It would even be cool to keep it in the car so it’s at the ready when you see a new one!


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