Styling the Perfect Mules

Mules have quickly become a favorite of mine. I feel like that can be equally casual and dressy, which I love. I also love the variety that you can find them. Heeled, flat, fun patterns, fur lined and even velvet, like mine!

One of my favorite ways to wear my mules is pretty basic-with jeans! I feel like they’re such a comfortable but totally stylish way to pull a whole look together. Not to mention they have become such a classic, closet staple season after season.

These particular ones were just added to my closet a few weeks ago and I am in love-the rich fall color, the faux fur (I wasn’t into the faux fur mules but they grew on me last year), the velvet. They’re perfect. Don’t let the color scare you either-I wasn’t sure at first about the color, thinking that I would be somewhat limited to what I could wear them with, but I have found this color to be quite the neutral.

This top was the perfect pairing with my mules. I love the bubble sleeve and the fact that it was cropped-it makes for an adorable outfit with my go-to jeans.

So if all else fails and you aren’t quite sure how to style your mules, just grab your go-to jeans and a favorite top or fall sweater and you have the perfect formula!

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