Mommy in Heels: Gift Guide Under $25

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. I am wrapping up my gift guide series with gifts under $25. There is always someone in everyone’s life that we have to get a gift for, but we don’t need to spend a lot, but it also needs to be more than just a gift card. Right? Right. So, I tried to round up some great things that would be the perfect gift for that “someone” in your life, whether it be a friend, your hair stylist, a co worker or even a holiday party host!

HTML Beer Glasses: I feel like this is a cool host/hostess gift (I’d be happy to receive it!) or a gift for a co worker you know that loves a good brew. Toss in a six pack of their fave beer (hard cider for me) with these glasses and it’s a complete, thoughtful gift!

Mindfulness Card Set: I know several people who have mindfulness cards similar to these and absolutely love them. It’s a great and mindful way to start, or even end, the day!

Rainbow Multi-Tool Set: This little pocket tool is something I think everyone doesn’t know they need. I know for me personally this isn’t something that I would ever buy for myself. I love the fact that this one is rainbow, and pocket size-makes the idea of it a little more fun! It would also make the perfect stocking stuffer! Although I must say if you’re thinking of getting this for someone maybe toss in a bottle of wine with it!

Even Eye Stencils: Woosh Beauty sent these to me and I fell in love with them. Not only are they a stencil to get the perfect eyeshadow/liner look, they also help catch any fallout you have while applying your eyeshadow. They are washable and reusable, too. I’ve been able to use it a few times and it works really well. This would be great to give to the beauty lover in your life!

Edoughble: Edible cookie dough-do I need to really say any more? This particular Build A Box allows you to choose 2, 4 or 6 different cookie dough flavors from your basic Chocolate Chip (they even have it in Paleo), to S’more, Milk n’ Cookies, and even gluten free and vegan options!

Homebody by Joanna Gaines: For all of the Fixer Upper fans out there, this would be perfect! This would be a great gift by itself, but I think adding in some fun coasters, or even some darling dish towels would round out the whole gift. If you have a holiday party to attend this would be an ideal hostess gift!

Cocktail Grow Kit: This kit includes thyme, lavender, mint, thai basil, lemon balm, and blue borage! They make great additions to your homemade cocktails, and once the seedlings have grown you can transfer them to larger pots! This would make a great host or hostess gift, too!

Smith’s Rose Bud Tin Set: I have personally be a long time fan of Smith’s Rose Bud-the salve is amazing for lips, hands, cuticles, just overall dry skin. I love that this set has the cult fave in it along with two other sweet scents. The keepsake tin is even adorable!

Journal Trio: I am a sucker for things like cute journals! I just them a lot to write down ideas, to do lists for work and other random things. Pair this journal trio with a cute pack of pens and this would be a great co worker/hair stylist/teacher gift!

Family Fun Bucket List: This contains a ton of prompts for fun, family activities like learning some constellations and stargazing, or volunteering as a family! This would be such a cute thing to have on hand for days where you don’t have plans and are fresh out of ideas for things to do!

iRing: I have been using the iRing for years and I absolutely love it. It makes holding the phone so much easier, I can easily use the ring to prop my phone up when needed, and I have the hook it comes with in my car to make it easier when I use it for navgation! The adhesive lasts for a really long time and is super strong, but it’s also really easy to transfer when you get a new phone case!

Mobile Lens Kit: If you have someone in your life like me that uses their phone a lot for photos, this would be such a unique idea! This kit comes with three different lenses that easily attach to your phone. They are small an convenient to take with you, too!

Who in the Room game: This game sounds hysterical! My friends and I love to have game nights from time to time, and this sounds like it would be a great addition! This particular game asks hysterically funny questions from “who in the room would survive the longest on a dessert island” to “who in the room pees in the shower?” It’s sure to bring out some laughs!




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