Getting Active with LIVI by Lane Bryant

Busy. If there is one word I hear the most from people it’ that they are busy. Jobs, social lives, kids, kids activities, work, working out, making dinner, helping with homework. We’re all busy!

Despite our busyness we all have one thing in common-we are all given the same hours in the day. Even Beyonce, ladies!

Even if we aren’t training for a marathon, or trying the latest yoga craze, we can tend to still be pretty active, right? I feel like my days off (Monday’s for me), I am still on.the.go. even though it is technically not a work day for me! I have noticed that once I put something on in the morning, it’s generally what I am in the rest of the day, even if it’s workout clothes (and even if I never do get to squeeze in that workout…oops!). If that’s the case, and I am out and about, running errands, attending meetings I still want to look put together as though there was thought put into my look!

LIVI by Lane Bryant is a clothing brand that gets it and truly understands that our workout clothes just might be our outfit for the whole day-they’re with us every step of the day and every wear we go! They have such great activewear styles that have built in technologies that work for our busy lives, and even better, they are so adorable and stylish!

One of my fave LIVI  pieces is the Ruffle Mesh Dot Active Hoodie Sweatshirt. Besides the comfort level, it is something that I can actually wear multiple ways, making it a really great, versatile staple. It looks fab with my jeans, heels and a fun clutch for a girls brunch or comfy and casual with my LIVI Signature Stretch Active Leggings.

I am wearing the 10/12, and it has enough stretch to it so I don’t feel restricted, and I feel like I can wear it and be active in it without having to tug and pull. It also comes in a black too, if a more neutral shade is your speed. You can’t really go wrong with either color!

The Signature Stretch Active Leggings are incredibly comfortable-these are the first pair of leggings in a long time that I don’t find myself constantly pulling them up throughout the day. They also feel really durable to me, meaning I don’t feel super exposed when wearing them like I feel with some leggings (meaning they aren’t thin and see through). They’re also high waisted-yes, please!! As for the sizing, I am wearing the 14/16 and they fit me really well so I would say they are true to size. I did try a pair of the SculptLight Active 7/8 Legging and they were super small, so I suggest sizing up in that particular style.

Wearing these pieces all day I was comfortable in what I was wearing, I felt confident-I knew each piece flattered me but they were also serving a purpose and were actually functional.  But seriously-SO cute!!

This post is sponsored by Lane Bryant. Although sponsored, all thoughts are my own.

Photographer: Brady Pappas


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