Mommy in Heels: Q&A

Hope your week is off to a great start! I’m doing a little Q&A today, answering some frequently asked questions I get, so let’s just dive right in! I can’t get to all of them so I will try and answer ones that were asked the most and the others I will answer on stories!

Do you get Botox? What skincare products do you use?

I do not get botox, but I am not against it and would totally consider it when/if the time comes. I feel like everyone has a ‘thing’ that they can say “Oh I was blessed with this or blessed with that.” For me, it’s my skin. I have been fortunate in that I have not had major skin issues-it’s one thing that has fortunately been great for me.

As for my skincare, I didn’t truly start taking care of my skin (like a strict regimen) until I reached my 30’s-prior to that I would wash my face but it was usually just whatever I grabbed at the store and slept with makeup on just about every night-so bad! For the last several years though, I have been using Rodan + Fields. I use both the Redefine regimen (for fine lines and wrinkles) and the Reverse regimen (for brown spots and aging spots). I have truly loved what it has done to help my skin and keep it healthy!

Favorite place to shop swimsuits? Bathing suits for curves?

While I have purchased swimsuits from plenty of places, I have to say Swimsuits For All, Eloquii (when they have them-they don’t seem to have any right now) and even Old Navy have the best, high quality suits! While they can be a little more expensive, they are worth investing in! Swimsuits For All in particular has such a wide range of sizes and styles!

Bathing suit is still available!

What is your makeup routine?

I did a little makeup tutorial for IGTV! I have it saved there, so you can see what I used and how I use it on a daily basis. I typically don’t get too adventurous with my makeup routine so it’s pretty much still the same! The eyeshadow that I wear pretty regularly and get asked about a lot is Tarte’s Speakeasy. It may be dark for some, but it’s just right for me and makes a great everyday shadow.

What is the meaning of your other tattoos?

If you’re up to date on my instagram, then you saw I got a new tattoo last night (my 5th). The two on my wrists are the girls’ birthdays in roman numerals. I originally wanted to get them stacked on my arm but the gal who did my tattoos said that two dates together could be interpreted as a birth and death, so I regrouped and had them put on my wrists!

The hanger on my forearm is for my boutique and my blog. It’s pretty amazing that I get to do what I love every day and that shows it! On my other forearm, that tattoo means ‘God is greater than the highs and the lows.” I have had quite the journey with my faith, being raised Catholic (baptized, First Communion, Confirmation, married in a Catholic church with a full mass, both the girls were baptized, etc), and then started attending a Christian church when I was pregnant with Charlotte. It was there that I really found my relationship with Jesus and work hard to grow it. My husband and got baptized a year and a half ago-his first time, and my second-sort of as a recommitment to my faith and to Jesus-so it’s symbolic of our journey in our faith!

What do you do for a living?

Besides being a blogger, I own a clothing boutique, Elizabeth & West Fashion House! I started it in December of 2013 online, then opened a storefront in May 2014! I absolutely love it, and am lucky I get to live my dream every day!

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I would like to say I am still blogging, but who even knows? This world (the blogging/social media world) is changing every day, so Lord even knows if blogging will still be a thing?! I would like to think that my boutique is still successful-I know I would love to have more of a staff (I have one amazing part time employee right now)!

I would also love to have some sort of clothing line, whether it be my own or a collaboration with a brand. That to me is ultimate #goals! I’m working super hard, so I feel like it can happen!

What do you use to keep your hair flawless for days?

I just touched on this over on instagram just the other day and have it saved to my highlights (under HAIR). I have been using Monat products for several months and love what it has done to my hair! I also use Living Proof Dry Volume Blast and Living Proof Body Builder. I swear by all of those hair products and they help me go days in between washes!!

What impact did becoming more body positive have on your marriage?

I’d like to think it has had a positive impact on our marriage. I can’t imagine it was easy for Ryan to always have to get the brunt of my distaste for myself, the way I look and the way I feel. Throughout, he has always been constant-in support, in love, and in motivation.

But I will say, I feel like we are happier, and closer. How I feel about myself radiates and shows in not just our relationship but all of my relationships. I am able to enjoy things more and focus on enjoying my time rather than worrying about how I look, what others think of me, etc. I do feel that having more of a relationship with Jesus has grounded me a bit, too. I know it’s not for everybody, but for me-and for us as a couple-going to church every week has been a huge help in our marriage.

How do you and your husband keep the spark alive? What do date nights look like?

If there is one thing that I learned from being married for almost 14 years and together for a little over 18 years, it’s that marriage and relationships are freaking work. We were super young when we got married (22 and 23) so I think we went into it somewhat naive-not a lot of life experience. We literally grew up together, I feel.

It hasn’t always been easy. There were years where our marriage struggled, and was, for the most part, in shambles and to me at least, it seemed easier to just throw in the towel than to work towards improving our relationship. Lucky for me though, I married someone who isn’t a quitter. With a lot of talking, being honest with each other, and shifting our priorities, we worked through and still work through. Not to keep going back to religion, but again going to church together and bringing Jesus into our family has significantly helped and improved our marriage. For us, it’s God first, then each other. It’s what works for us!

Ryan and I on the day we were baptized-so happy!

Keeping the spark alive takes a lot of effort, planning (sometimes planning everything), and more effort. I feel like one thing we are good at is doing “spot checks” so to speak. Maybe it dawns on one of us-when was the last time we kissed each other good night? Or cuddled on the couch together? In those moments when we have to ask, we know we need to regroup and shift priorities.

Date nights take planning. Simple as that. We have grandparents and babysitters we can rely on-we are lucky-but if you are in a situation where you don’t have a babysitter or it’s just not in the budget, just wait until the kids go to bed and make dinner together and have an at home date night-we’ve done that so many times before!

Where can I get a good strapless bra online?

I would check ThirdLove. They have a pretty extensive size range and selection. I personally have just started wearing Knix bras and they are amazing (use code MOMMYINHEELS10 for $10 off your order). Unfortunately they don’t have strapless bras, so ThirdLove is another great option!





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