Moto Jacket + Cozy Scarf

Hope your week has been going well! We’re halfway there! (unless you are like me, and work on weekends, in which case, let’s keep soldiering on!)

I am not one to change outfits too much throughout the day, but Sunday’s seem to be my day to make an outfit change! I find that as the day progresses, I just want to be relatively comfortable. Most of the times it’s jeans and a cozy top, or leggings/my favorite joggers!

This past Sunday was one of those days! We had church in the am and ended up back home not long after. I knew we had to head out later in the day to run some more errands so an outfit change was in order. Old Navy swing tops are something that I typically have in multiple colors and wear both around the house to lounge in, to bed, and out and about. They are incredibly soft, loose fitting, and the length is ideal. I even buy in a couple of sizes (large and XL) just so I can wear with different things. Plus, they are pretty much always on sale ($16.99 full price), so there are always opportunities to grab multiples.

I’ve had my eye on this scarf for a bit (along with everyone else, I feel), but I didn’t want to pay full price for it-as soon as I saw them on sale I grabbed two. They are still currently on sale-unfortunately the gray and taupe (which I have) are both sold out, but the other colors are gorgeous! It’s super soft, and I don’t feel like it swallows me whole, like most scarves!

Jacket /// Top /// Jeans /// Shoes /// Scarf


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