Old Navy Try On: Spring Style

I feel like it’s been so long since I have been in a good blogging groove! With the weather being so terrible, and then traveling, it’s been hard to find a good groove and balance. I’m working on it, though!

I also realize I haven’t done a try on in what seems like an eternity, so I swung into my Old Navy to see what new things they had (plus I had a couple of gift cards that I wanted to cash in)! My local Old Navy here was just redone so I was anxious to see it-I feel like it has so much more inventory than our old one. It’s so much brighter, too!

I’ll explain the fit of everything in hopes of helping to make shopping a little easier for all of you! I loved just about everything I tried and a few things even came home with me!Top /// Pants

I loved this pairing together! This particular style of pant can be kind of tricky with my body type, so I opted to size up to the XL. It fit great in the butt/thigh area but was just a smidge big in the waist. I tied them as tight as possible and were still kind of loose but totally wearable. Honestly though, with pants like these that have no stretch to them, I would opt for a little bit looser.

As far as shoes, I would probably wear brown sandals or wedges-I think a nude or a cognac would look so great! The top itself I am wearing a large so I would say it is true to size. I knotted it to give myself a little more definition, but it would look cute just tucked in, too!

Top /// Pants

I love this pairing together! Mustard seems to be a color that I am drawn to in any way, shape or form! These pants are a large-I was curious to see how these would fit in comparison to the other style in the XL. I love the way these fit but they are the tiniest bit snug in the thigh. I am typically a 12/14 for sizing reference. If the mustard color isn’t for you, these pants do come in other colors!

While I love the classic chambray top with the mustard (one of my favorite color combos), I do think a simple black tee or even tank would look adorable as well! But, if you do decide to stick with the chambray (you will get so much wear out of it-promise), I would say it is true to size. I am wearing a large here and I feel like I have plenty of room in the arms and chest. I am a 36E and don’t feel as though there is any gapping in the chest/button area.


I have these jeans in black and I love them and wear them pretty frequently! I was excited to give these a try, and I have to say I do like them but I don’t love them as much as my black ones. In the black I wear a 12 so I grabbed these in a 12 and they are a bit snug! My black ones stretched out slightly so I am guessing these one’s will as well, but yikes they were snug!

Despite them being slightly tight I will say that I felt great in them as far as feeling secure, if that makes sense? I didn’t feel like they are see through at all, which I know is a concern of a lot of us when shopping for white jeans. Lengthwise, these are great (for me). They are ankle length and hit me at a great spot (I am 5’4″).


What an adorable top! I think this top would be ideal for transitioning into the warmer months. I love it paired with these white jeans (and maybe even white Converse to dress it down) by itself but you could toss on a denim jacket for those chillier days!

This top doesn’t have any stretch to it but it still fits really well. I am wearing a large so I would say it’s true to size! It also comes in another pink/white striped combo!

Tossed this adorable jacket over it!


If you read my blog post on Monday, then it’s no surprise I apparently have a thing for polka dots!I love a good wrap top and this doesn’t disappoint! I sized up to the XL for a roomier fit in the chest. I love the color of this (mustard-surprise!).

This is such a sweet top that you could easily dress up or down for work, date night, or girls night out!


Another polka dot top I couldn’t resist! This sleeveless number came home me-I loved it! I am wearing a large and the fit is really great. I would actually wear it exactly like this-denim jacket, white jeans, and then top it off with my brown wedges! I think it would be such an adorable, where anywhere kind of outfit!

If you aren’t into polka dots the top does come in two other floral prints that are equally as adorable!


Ahhhhh I love a good jumpsuit! I have one similar from last year and absolutely love it! The fit is pretty similar to that one-I would say it’s true to size. Being a 12/14, the large fits really well! The fabric does give it a more dressed down feel, but with the right shoes it could be dressed up.

I’d love to wear it with sneakers and a denim jacket-it would make such an adorable travel outfit!


I wasn’t sure about this when it was on the hanger-I truly thought it would look so awesome or just be eh, but I knew I had to give it a try!

I grabbed the large and XL, not knowing which would fit me the best, because it doesn’t have any stretch to it (not one ounce) and I am pleased with how the large fits! I would probably wear it now with booties and a denim or moto jacket, even a fun pair of heels a blazer to dress it up a bit more would look great!

When it does get warmer, I think a simple pair of gladiator sandals would look so great, too! This came home with me, along with the black version, too!


Yes, more polka dots! I guess it’s just this color combo that I am drawn to! I think this style is so flattering on so many different body types. This is a great dress for work/church/date night!

I am wearing the XL although I feel like I could easily wear the large. This is the kind of dress that I think looks great when it is super fitted! It’s so flattering! It also comes in two other colors!


What an adorable dress for the spring! Baby shower, bridal shower, Easter, spring wedding, you name it, it’s perfect for it!

I am wearing large, so it’s definitely true to size as far as fit. It feels great in the chest area and especially in the hips/butt. As far as styling, I would wear this now with a cute cardigan (see below) and ankle booties. When it gets a bit warmer, I would wear with a denim jacket and sandals or wedges. I also think it would look so cute with a pair of sneakers when wearing it with a denim jacket!



This jersey swing dress is such a closet staple! I have a similar one from a few seasons ago and I wear it year after year! What I love about it is it’s comfort. It is honestly like wearing a nightgown in public. So soft and incredibly stretchy!

As for the fit, I am wearing a large. I feel like it lays nicely on my and the length is perfect (I am 5’4″). It looks great as is, but I also love the idea of tossing on a denim jacket with it (see below) or even taking a chambray and knotting it (see below) just for something different than a classic denim jacket.



love this top, and I am kicking myself for not getting it! The fit is absolutely perfect (wearing a large) and I feel like it is so flattering! I realized I wouldn’t be able to do my usual front tuck with this kind of top, but something about the knot just makes up for it-haha!

The color is gorgeous, my typical go-to, but it also comes in other gorgeous colors and stripes as well! I think it looks great with the darker wash denim, but I would love to pair with with white denim as well!

Speaking of denim, these jeans are so great! I am wearing the 12. They are slightly snug but they will stretch out. The hem is a frayed hem which I think is a nice alternative to your standard hem. As far as length, they are ankle cut, which on me is perfect-I love when I don’t have to cuff my denim!!


Another adorable top! Typically I can wear larges in Old Navy button ups, but this one was slightly snug for me. Being that it was a completely different cut than most I wear, I kind of expected it!

So adorable, though and I love the purple color! It also comes in a pretty pink stripe too!


I wanted to love this dress, because it would look so cute with a denim jacket and sneakers, but it was just too snug in the chest. I had on the large and it fit perfectly literally everywhere but the chest area! I think if I sized up to accommodate my chest it would be too big everywhere else!

It does come in a navy stripe and a pink stripe-so adorable!


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