Cacique Intimates: A Look Behind an Inclusive Brand

Hope you all have had a great week! I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Cacique Intimates earlier this week and it was nothing short of amazing!

I learned so much about the brand, how they operate, how they design, and even test their product. Based on what they shared and what they saw, I am so amazed at just how much time and effort goes into make sure everything is perfect before it gets to the customers!

One of the great opportunities that we had was to meet and chat with the design team-to say these ladies are talented are an understatement. Gill and Lisa have such an amazing eye for design, but even more so for what their customer wants and needs when it comes to bras and undies.


Most brands start at a 34B when designing and then do some sort of mathematical calculation to figure out the remaining cup and band sizes.

With Cacique though, it’s different. One thing the design team said that really resonated with me was that women aren’t mathematical calculations. They have an amazing scanner (16 cameras total) that scans women so they know every inch of the body and not just the band and cup size. They called it an architectural exercise.

They bras have an M shape, which allows for more support. They also use a fiber content other than cotton that helps their bras keep their shape and  offers a double layer.

The design team also offers wider and firmer bands so they give you more support and you aren’t just relying on the straps for support.

When designing their underwire bra, they”wrap” the wire in a bubble casing so the wires don’t pop out-we’ve all had those bras that have wire that pops out and it’s so not comfortable!

When it comes to their strapless bras, they have a specific technology in the bands that uses exposed spandex instead of silicone, so it doesn’t irritate the skin but still helps keep the bra in place.


I think I can honestly say that I have never heard of a brand that does so much testing on their products. One of the testing processes that I thought was so cool and incredibly mindful when developing their products, is that they have their fit models wear their bras, and then measure them/the bras every 2/4/6/8 hours to see how they wear throughout the day.

Like I mentioned previously, they have a really high tech scanner with 16 cameras-they have about 2500 women in their database that they can use to refer to. Additionally, they take their scanner to various places across the country, because women in Columbus (where they are headquartered) aren’t the same as women in LA, or New York, or Texas, etc. So detailed, right?

I can assure you as well, based on all of the charts and graphs that they shared with us that they read and truly analyze all of the feedback they get, both positive and negative.


Most women age and size out of brands, but Cacique is designed to cover Her (their customer)story from ‘first bra to first born, to 50th birthday and beyond.’ How amazing is that? If you think about just how much your body changes all the way from your first bra to your first child, or a milestone birthday, it’s pretty incredible to think that a brand can stick with you throughout all of that-the ups, the downs and everything in between. They are inspired by Her and all the moments in her life, hence their collections: Cotton, Modern, and Seriously Sexy.

They represent the underrepresented. 

They carry cup sizes A-K and offer band sizes from 32-50 (!!), and additionally they offer swimwear in 0-32 starting in May. They will also have nursing bras and tanks available in 2 weeks AND in October, a mastectomy bra will be released.

I love that they believe in not just carrying basics for all sizes but fashion for all sizes. 

This brand is more than just cute bras and undies to me. Yes, they are adorable, and sexy and practical, but the brand itself speaks far beyond that. The fact that they care so much about their customer that they do an incredible amount of testing speaks volumes. The fact that they care about keep a customer for life and not just a for a moment in their life is incredible. Offering 86 sizes-yes, 86!! How inclusive!

I believe in a brand that believes in curves, inclusivity, and being with their customer for life!


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