Work Wear Try on Session: Loft

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a work wear style session, and if I’m being honest, it’s something I have been putting off because I don’t have to get dressed up for work (I’m talking like business/corporate dressed up), so it just isn’t something that is always top of mind for me.

But, when one of my blogging besties, Ashley asked if I wanted to partner for a work wear style sesh, I figured the timing was perfect!

One of the things I tell gals who work in a corporate setting is that you DO NOT need to have separate work and non work wardrobes. If you shop strategically, meaning you don’t buy suit sets, and buy individual, mix and match pieces, you can get so much more wear out of your work pieces!

When I was trying on things at Loft, I made sure to grab things that could be worn multiple ways-versatility is important to me so you get more wear out of the things in your closet!

I love this dress for the spring-so adorable, and the silhouette is really flattering, too! I am wearing a 14, so I would say it’s true to size. It does not have any stretch to is, so I would say there isn’t much wiggle room!

For the office, I would wear this with a pair of nude heels, and to make it even more formal, I would add a lightweight blazer in a crisp white or cream color. I think by adding a blazer (not just to this, to anything, really) adds a more formal, business like aspect to your look.

To dress this down outside of the office, I would wear this with a denim jacket and a pair of white converse or slip on sneakers. This would even be great for any spring weddings or showers that you have!

There really is nothing like having a basic, white button up in your closet! I feel like a lot of your traditional white button ups that you would think of when you think “corporate” are more on the structured, crisp side. While they are great, I do think they are harder to dress down, which is why I like this one. It’s really soft, easy moving, but gives you more versatility when it comes to work and play.

These two separates are perfect for a work wardrobe because you can mix and match them with other tops and bottoms, depending on how dressy or casual you want to be! I personally love the look of a white top like this with jeans. And with all of the colors in this skirt, you could easily find a top to match perfectly! I am wearing a large in the skirt.

See how versatile the top can be?!

And these pants-I know a lot of us gravitate towards basic black pants (they’re an easy staple to have!), but these pants are a great alternative to keep around.

While the white looks great, you could truly wear any color of top with these pants. The black and white palette make it easy to match with anything, whether it be a brightly colored top or blazer!

To dress this down, I would maybe keep this same top, or even wear a fitted white tank top and a denim jacket! It would look cute with a pair of sneakers!

As far as sizing goes, the large works in these pants. I tried the XL on and was shocked at how large they were on me!

I loved this dress-I think it’s so flattering, especially with the tie waist! I am wearing a 12, and was not able to zip it up the whole way (they didn’t have a 14 in store), so I would say it is true to size!

If you need to dress it up a little more I would suggest adding a blazer to make it a little more structured. Nude heels would look perfect and tie the whole look together!

Another way to wear this white top-I love these pants because they are like a thicker, dressier denim. They’re a great alternative to black, khaki or gray dress pants.

The stretch in them is ideal as well-they don’t feel stiff or constricted and allow a lot of room for movement and are really comfortable. For sizing, I am wearing a 12. The 14’s would have been way too big on me!

Here they are-a pair of classic, black dress pants! I couldn’t do a work wear style session without trying a pair! I have these and they actually get a lot of wear, even though I don’t have to get dressed up for work every day.

I have worn them both dressed up and dressed down (they look adorable with a denim jacket and sneakers). A far as sizing goes, I wear a 12 in these as well. They do stretch out a bit which is why I went with the 12 instead of the 14.

This top is unfortunately sold out, but if it does come back in stock, make sure to grab it-it’s true to size and looks equally as adorable with jeans and sneakers!

Last but not least, my favorite outfit! This blazer is absolutely adorable and is something that would work well in the office and outside of the office!

The blazer fits well, wearing a size 14 and it fits well. There isn’t a ton of stretch to it but I still felt comfortable in it! The cami is such a cute option-it adds a little interest to the whole look, plus it looks great dressed down.

I love how all together this makes a great business look, but separately they can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet so easily!




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