Easter Outfit Inspo for Mommy and Daughter

Whenever I was little, I always got a new outfit and shoes for Easter-typically it was a dress that my mom made for me, along with a matching dress for her, too! That was the thing to do in the 80’s, wasn’t it?!

I remember so many pictures over the years of my mom and I in matching Easter dresses, and I feel like I always had a white hat on!

Nothing much has changed now that I am an adult-I still love to get new outfits (duh!), especially for holidays like Easter. The same goes for my girls-they love joining me in sporting something new! Gone are the days though of getting super dolled up-we are a pretty casual family, and Ella in particular isn’t a huge fan of dresses (or jeans…she’d live in leggings!) so we like to keep it on the casual side!

Unlike my mom and I, I am not one to be super matchy with my girls, so I opted to coordinate with them!

Me: Jacket /// Jumpsuit /// c/o Shoes
Ella: Top /// Jeans /// c/o Shoes
Charlotte: Dress /// c/o Shoes


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