Styled: Chambray Shirt, 4 Ways

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you all have had a great week! This week on stories (and here), I am taking a classic chambray shirt and styling it multiple ways for you!

A lot of you have said that you recently purchased the short sleeve chambray from Target and aren’t sure how to wear it-leave it to me to help you! I own one, although it is from Old Navy last year.

Similar Top /// Jeans /// Shoes

This is one of my favorite ways to style a chambray in the warmer months. The white jeans just go so well with this style of top! I love how classic and neutral this pairing is! While I decided to stick to the more basic side with my sandals, I do think this outfit would look great with a brightly colored pair of shoes! A pretty mustard, a coral, or even a green would look perfect and add a bit of color to the neutral palette.

You could really consider this whole look a blank canvas-add fun jewelry, a cute jacket, even a funky handbag!

Similar Top /// Dress /// Sandals

Another way I love to wear a chambray (whether it be short or long sleeve) is layered over a dress like this (or even a jumpsuit). I personally love it because it allows you to get more wear out of both the top and the dress (or jumpsuit). It’s a nice alternative to a denim jacket, too!

This particular dress is adorable for spring and summer-and comes in two other colors! I love the thin, adjustable straps, but I personally feel more comfortable with the short sleeve chambray over it. This would look cute with nude wedges, but I just love the casual, dressed down, neutral sandals!

Similar Top /// Jeans /// Shoes

Wide leg jeans aren’t for everyone-I realized that. I for one love them-I feel great in them! If you feel fabulous in them (or anything for that matter), wear them regardless of whether or not everyone loves them!

Pairing denim with denim can be tricky sometimes, which is why a lot of you have told me that you usually don’t like to wear it-you aren’t sure exactly how to style it/what washes of denim to pair together. For me personally (and I think a lot of other gals have the same opinion), I will usually only wear denim on denim with two different washes. My favorite is a lighter wash (like my top) and a medium wash (like my jeans).

I wanted to keep this outfit really casual with my slip on Converse, but I do think it would look adorable dressed up with a pair of nude strappy heels, or even a fun color like coral or red (perhaps for the 4th of July)!

Similar Top /// Shorts (Other Option) /// Shoes

Last outfit is another casual option for you! I shared these jean shorts with you the other week when I did a denim shorts try on (saved as a highlight on instagram). Like chambray and white, I love styling it with black as well! I’ve dressed my chambrays up before dressier black pants, but I love it just as much with these comfy, distressed shorts!

The options with a top like this really are endless. It is such a neutral classic that you can really pair it with anything you may have in your closet. It can also easily be dressed up or down-just try it and get a little creative!


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