What I’m Packing for My Tropical Vacation!

In just a few short days I’ll be heading to Mexico with Ryan, the girls and my in laws for the week-while I am so excited, it stresses me out a bit-with the kind of job(s) I have, I am never really on ‘vacation’ which kind of stinks! These are the times I wish I had the kind of career that I could just be like BYE I’M ON VACAY-hahaha!

My store is still open while I am going, and while I have people here to run it for me, I am still working-on call, answering questions, responding to customers, etc. And the blog-well that of course is an all-the-time thing (mostly by choice). I always tell Ryan that one of these times I am going to take a vacation and truly vacation-close the store, not blog, nothing!

With Mexico on the horizon, I have been shopping and adding things to take along with me-I stuck to (pretty much only) dresses-they’re easy to pack, and honestly what fits me the best at this point!

The resort we are staying at apparently has a ton of restaurants (I honestly don’t even know where we are staying and what is really there-my in laws planned it all…I’m just along for the ride haha) and with having the girls (and them not being super adventurous) we don’t really plan on leaving the resort. Because of that I wanted to keep everything I packed on the more casual side!

I am particularly excited about this flowy dress-I think it could double as a coverup, and will look great paired with these sandals! This bathing suit is a favorite of mine-you all loved it too when I shared it on Instagram (I have the try on saved to my highlights).

I wore this dress a little more dressed up for church the other weekend-I plan on dressing it down for vacation with my favorite hat and sandals!

Also-I am oddly excited to use these packing cubes. I ordered them for my LA trip, of course just one day too late. They didn’t arrive in time so I am anxiously awaiting to use them this trip!

Hopefully you are lucky enough to head somewhere warm and relaxing this summer!



  1. Stacie Leigh
    July 19, 2019 / 10:09 pm

    What resort did you travel to? It looked gorgeous!

    • mommyinheelsblog
      July 26, 2019 / 7:33 am

      Vidanta in Riviera Maya!

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