Back to School Fashion with Walmart

This post is sponsored by Walmart and RewardStyle. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

There is something about Back to School shopping that I love, even if its not for me! Charlotte is my little shopper and is always wanting to add new things to her closet. She also loves stying things and making them her own (she even went through a phase for 2 years where she wore 2 different shoes every day). Ella on the other hand is pretty true to her desire for all things comfortable and somewhat sporty. The first few days of school is one of the few times a year that she enjoys wearing dresses and tucks away her tee shirts and comfy shorts!

While I love  shopping for the girls, it can get expensing-they are constantly growing, which means what I bought them a month ago doesn’t quite fit the same! I try as much as I can to save some money while keeping the girls on-trend-that’s why I love Walmart. Their everyday low prices are within our budget (yes, we are still budgeting and having our weekly budget committee meetings), so I know it’s not going to through a wrench into what we allot for clothes each month! Walmart’s selection, especially for girls fashion is so awesome and there is such a variety to cater to all different styles!

Like I said before, Ella is pretty low key when it comes to fashion and style-she tends to gravitate towards things that are comfortable like leggings and sneakers, but she does love to toss on a comfortable dress for the first day of school! I love the one she picked out because to her it doesn’t feel overly dressy-it’s something she can wear with a pair of sneakers (her favorite way to style a dress), or she can dress it up a little more for something like one of her piano recitals! We also grabbed this dress for her-another one she can wear comfortably with sneakers if she wants to!

If there is a dress that can be twirled in, you can count on Charlotte to wear it! As we were shopping for her and we were looking at dresses, a pretty frequent comment was “can I twirl in it?” While Ella gravitates towards what is comfortable and practical, Charlotte is the complete opposite. Frills? Yes! Sparkle? Yes! Is it twirly? Yes!

She loved this particular one because it has cold shoulder ‘like grown ups wear’ and she loved how it looked with her new sneakers she picked out! Another favorite of hers was this one! She loves to wear her dresses well into the cooler months with leggings underneath. This one fit the bill as far as being able to style it with a cute pair of leggings. She is also pretty active in school, not just on PE days-she’s always taking advantage of the playground at recess and running around. We like to try and find things that are comfortable enough for her to be a 1st grader in, but also meets her style requirements!




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