Casual in Mexico

We’re back! Still adjusting to being back home-laundry, play dates, appointments, but we are back! As much as I love vacations, I love being home just as much. The first night back home, sleeping in your own bed is the best!

I tried to squeeze in as many shoots as possible while we were in Mexico, but when there are 6 of you vacationing together, it can be hard to do it-I hate to disrupt everyone’s schedule, or hold anyone up so when we were able to shoot a look, I did! I suppose I could do what other bloggers do and shoot all of my looks in a one or two hour stint, but honestly it was so hot and the resort so massive that it just seemed daunting-hahaha!

This particular dress was a last minute, sort of impulse buy before we left. I love easy dresses like these, that are comfortable but still leave you looking put together. I ended up in the medium with this one-I tend to size down with this style of dress as they are really forgiving!

The navy, which I have is currently on backorder (boooo!), but the white-which is just as beautiful, is fully stocked! I paired it with these adorable striped sandals and fun earrings (which are old-I found cute options for you though)-I loved the lighter blue in the sandals with the navy, but I do think a brighter color shoe like yellow, pink or even green would love great. Even a metallic like gold would look beautiful and compliment the dress beautifully!

Dress /// Shoes /// Bracelet /// Earrings (old, cute option) /// Sunglasses (similar) /// Bag


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