Madewell Skirt: Styled Three Ways

There is nothing I love more than being able to style something multiple ways. I feel like I am truly getting my monies worth out of something when I am able to wear it more ways than one. During my teaching days (for those that don’t know, I used to teach high school), if I couldn’t wear something to school and outside of school I most likely didn’t buy it. I never liked the idea of having a separate work wardrobe from the rest of my closet.

Luckily now I am able to wear pretty much whatever I want on a daily basis so I am truly able to style and restyle my items. Not too often do I find myself saying “I don’t have any place to wear this!” More often than not, I make it (whatever ‘it’ may be) work for my day to day.

I had my eye on this skirt for some time but didn’t want to splurge on something with this bold of a print-typically if I splurge on something it is a neutral/basic/classic piece. Just my luck though, this skirt went on sale so I grabbed it quickly!

It is really lightweight which I love-I don’t feel weighed down in it, and I feel like it’s pretty breezy! It does not have stretch to it at all, so that was something I kept in mind when I was figuring out my size. To accommodate my bump, I decided to size up to a 16. While I still have a little bit of wiggle room (a 14 would have fit me perfectly), I am glad I sized up to a 16 so I can wear it as I continue to grow, and even after the baby comes!

Skirt /// Top (similar) /// Shoes (similar) /// Sunglasses /// Bracelet

I wanted to take this skirt down a notch and make it a little more casual, and then wanted to dress it up a bit more with a pair of heels just to show you how a bold print piece like this can still be versatile!

Lately I feel like I have been gravitating towards midi skirts and sneakers-it’s easy, it’s comfortable, it makes me feel like I am pulled together without sacrificing comfort and midi skirts (non maternity) work with my bump. I have been trying to limit my maternity clothing purchases this time around just so I can get more wear out of some of the pieces (because let’s face it-I am due at the beginning of November so I know I won’t be able to wear some of the pieces once the temps cool down).

Jacket /// Top (similar) /// Shoes

Tossing on a favorite tee of mine (the one I have is old so I found a similar one for you) and knotting it is sometimes my go-to when it comes to midi skirts. I love the overall look of it! If you aren’t a fan of pairing it with sneakers, this look would look just as adorable with a cute pair of sandals!

Sweater (old, similar) /// Heels

I loved the idea of dressing this up a bit with a pair of heels-I’ve had this sleeveless sweater for a couple of summers now and it’s still one of my favorites-since it is so old it obviously isn’t available anymore. I found a similar option for you though! If you aren’t into this color or this style of top, I do think the short sleeve chambray that I paired it with would look great with these heels! Add some fun jewelry and a cute clutch and you have a perfect look!



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