Mommy in Heels: Charleston Packing List

Hope you all had a great weekend and start to the week! Ours was packed from Friday to Sunday-I love those kinds of weekends but I am so excited to not have any plans this weekend! We headed to the drive in Friday night with friends-it was so much fun! Saturday we celebrated a friends 40th birthday and Sunday was spent at the pool! This is our first summer with a pool membership and I am so glad that we finally decided to do it. The girls are at the perfect age where they can play and run around without myself or Ryan having to be on top of them (don’t worry-we still keep an eye on them). Our friends belong to the pool too, along with a ton of other kids that are in school with the girls-there is always someone there for them to play with!

Before I headed to Disney and to Mexico I shared what I was packing and you loved it all. With my adult only (woo hoo!!) trip to Charleston right around the corner I figured I would share what I am planning on bringing so far! I honestly just started shopping for it the other day-I didn’t realize it was so close!

As far as what specifically I am packing, I am focusing on flowy dresses. It is going to be incredibly hot, and I am going to be almost 27 weeks, so I want things that I can breath in and things that won’t cling to me! I am of course using my packing cubes, my travel makeup/toiletry case and my new makeup case. I will also be bringing this Everything Spray-my friend introduced me to it and I love it! I like to use it as a mid day refresher so I think it will be perfect for my travel days, and even in the middle of our days in Charleston!

Happy shopping-be sure to click the little gray arrow to the right of the images to shop more of my picks!



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