Mommy in Heels: My Size Inclusive Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I know, I know. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is only just beginning (for card holders-it’s open to the public on 7/19) and you all are already so sick of it! Like I said on my instastories, if you are looking for all day every day, incredibly in depth coverage of this sale, I am not your person. I plan on covering it today, for the launch, and dabbling throughout over on instagram/stories but I am certainly not going to eat/sleep/breath the #nsale!

Before I continue though, I do want to reiterate what I mentioned briefly over on Instagram. This is just a sale-there is absolutely no need to 1. open a credit card just to access a sale early and 2. go into debt shopping this (or any) sale. I personally have planned for this sale and am going into it with a pretty strict budget. I know my limit and that is that! Ryan and I are doing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University so we aren’t really in favor of credit cards (my Nordstrom card is a debit, which sadly they don’t offer anymore) and we are all for budgets. So my advice to you-buy within your means!

I don’t want any of you to think that what I am sharing is meĀ tellingĀ you that you HAVE to buy, buy, buy. My job (yes, this is a job-I make money and pay taxes on this blog of mine) is to simply share my finds, make navigating a little easier for you-what you choose to buy, or know what you can/can’t or should/shouldn’t buy is up to you!

Let me just get off of my soapbox here and get into the fun stuff though-haha!! Whew! Going through all of the sale items took forever, and I feel like I didn’t even scratch the surface! I tried to make sure I included items that were size inclusive (up to XL and beyond, depending on the item). I really loved a lot of shoes and hats, so I wanted to include them in my initial post as well!

Again, this is just my initial items that I’ve found and am drawn to. By the time you’re reading this, I will have ventured into Nordstrom and tried on some things so I will have more to share in the form of try-ons over on Instagram so keep checking!

I will also be sharing baby items, kids, and some beauty/home/mens as well. I have never really focused on baby/kids before so I am really excited this year to be checking all of that out-I hope you are, too!

In the meantime, check out what I have picked so far!

Shop all of my picks (and some more of my favorites) below!

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