Packing Essentials for the Wannabe Jetsetter

I would not call myself a Jetsetter by any means-not even close-but I have done my fair share of traveling this year so far (at least to me). Seattle, Florida, Ohio, New York, LA, Mexico! With the traveling I’ve done, I have slowly started to add things to my suitcase/carryon to make traveling easier and packing a little more efficient for me!

I had seen others using and raving about packing cubes, but I was sort of on the fence about them-how cool can they be? Do they really work? Short answer: yes! I was amazed at how much more I was able to pack without taking up any more space (they maybe even take up less space!) It makes everything so much more compact and allows room for more!

The set of cubes I ended up getting came with several different sizes which was ideal! I loved the variety that I had and the fact that I was able to use each one for a different category! My set comes with a small, medium and large bag as well as, what they call, an “underwear bag” (which is pretty much the same size as the medium clothing bag), a drawstring bag (potentially for shoes) and then a zipper pouch/toiletry bag-good for little odds and ends (I tossed in some essential oils, but then also used it for some dirty laundry).

The largest cube I was able to fit in 12 dresses-12! (and yes, I had 12 dresses for a week vacation haha). The medium bag I used for my bathing suits and coverups-it was perfect. I packed a decent amount and was able to pack all of them with some room to spare. The smaller clothing bag was for my workout clothes-again I had plenty of room to spare!

I was able to pack about 7 pairs of sandals in the “underwear bag” and could have added more! The drawstring shoe bag I would typically use for shoes or even dirty laundry but I brought along my diffuser so I tossed it in there!

This travel makeup organizer is a recent addition and one that I am so excited to use! I plan on using it for more than just makeup-hair products, skincare, etc. I love that the dividers are customizable-you can remove and rearrange them to fit how you need them to!

I also grabbed this little makeup bag to not only use every day, but it would be ideal for travel as well! It fits everything perfectly with some room to spare, which is ideal (I always seem to be adding new things to my daily makeup!). It’s under $15 and it comes in a pretty pink color, too!

Usually I am adding a ton of things to my carry on because I don’t have enough room left in my suitcase, but I had so much room left over that I didn’t even really need my carry on. As we were ready to walk out the door I was doing an inventory of everything, making sure I had everything packed-I realized that everything in my carryon-just random things like an extra pair of shoes, curling iron/straightener, another purse, could have easily been added to my suitcase!

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  1. Krista
    July 4, 2019 / 7:58 am

    Hi! When you use the cubes does everything come out wrinkled? I am looking at cubes, but I don’t want to have to steam/iron when I get to my location. Thanks for the help

    • mommyinheelsblog
      July 8, 2019 / 10:49 am

      The dresses that I packed in it weren’t terribly wrinkled-I was surprised! I tried to fold them really well to make sure!

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