FAQ: Second Trimester

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I can’t believe I am this far into my pregnancy already, but here we are-entering the third trimester. Yikes! I don’t know where the time went, but I feel like this pregnancy has flown by. In one breath, I feel like November seems so far away, but when my baby apps tell me I only have 12 weeks to go I panic a bit!

You all seemed to enjoy my First Trimester recap post so I figured I would do the same for my second trimester! I will say that this trimester has definitely been easier than the first. I’ll have a day here and there of not feeling the best, but nothing nearly as terrible as the first trimester-I felt awful mostly every day!

Any swelling?

I am having a little bit of swelling in my feet and my fingers, but compared to how much I swelled with Charlotte (think Jessica Simpson), I am really pleased! Like you would think, days that I am on my feet a lot (like the days in Charleston with all of the walking we did) I do experience a little bit of swelling.

I’ve been trying really hard to drink a lot of water (I am normally a terrible water drinker-full disclosure I dislike water and really have to force myself to drink it)-I’m proud with how much I have been drinking every day!

I also found really great compression socks that I love. They aren’t terribly expensive and are quite easy to get on and off. I like to put them on when I get home or at some point in the evening, and then I usually take them off at some point in the middle of the night!

Has your melasma started fading away?

I wish I could say it has started to fade, but sadly no! I think I sort of have a double whammy this summer-not only am I pregnant but we’ve had a pool membership this summer which means I was in the sun a lot more than usual. Even with wearing sunscreen and a wide brim hat I still seemed to get a lot of melasma/brown spots.

I did head to Ulta to find some fuller coverage makeup and have been really pleased. Of course both foundations are on the more expensive side-this one I only use on weekends (like if we have plans or for something special), otherwise I used my go-to drugstore foundation. Not using it every day and more sparingly definitely makes it last longer!

This particular one has really full coverage that I use to spot cover my melasma-the gal who helped me said that if I wanted “full instagram face” I would use this as my foundation. I don’t need that by any means and it works so well to cover my brown spots! Again, its on the more expensive side, but with this a little goes a really long way so it lasts and lasts!

Of course combining both foundations really makes me feel covered, but this combined with my favorite drugstore foundation works so well!

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As a curvy girl, when did you feel that you really started showing?

I was wondering the same when I first found out I was pregnant, mainly because I was about 60 lbs lighter when I got pregnant with both of the girls. Because this is my third though, I feel like I started showing sooner than my previous pregnancies! I think it’s just different for everyone-there is no set time as to when any shows!

Is retinol the only real no-no skin care ingredient?

Off the top of my head, I believe so. If there is every anything you are unsure about using then I would check with your doctor first-that’s always the safest bet!

How have you been able to keep excess weight off?

Well, the first part of my pregnancy I felt awful so eating was a challenge for me-I lost a few pounds during this stage, unintentionally.

I do also walk every day-it’s nothing crazy and intense, but I make it a point to walk anywhere from 5-7 days a week for about 30-45 minutes, depending on my schedule. I think being active has helped. I am honestly more active now than I was prior to being pregnant. I wasn’t sure how I would manage with the heat this summer but I’ve just been trying to walk either early in the morning or late in the evening.

Although its hard for me mentally, I know gaining weight happens when being pregnant! Seeing your body change so much, so frequently is easier some days than others, but I try to just give myself some grace! As of my appointment yesterday, I have gained 4 lbs. When it comes to what I’ve gained or what I haven’t, I try not to think of any of this as ‘keeping weight off’ and focus on making choices that are healthy for myself and my baby.

Is this pregnancy different from your previous 2?

Oh yes it’s very different. It was different from the very beginning and has been since! Other than being tired, I felt great with my previous two, unlike this pregnancy. I gained about 60 lbs with Ella and even more with Charlotte-I also swelled a lot with her, too!

I also feel like I am carrying differently. With the girls I feel like I was carrying all over, if that makes sense. This time around I feel like I am more belly than anything, which I notice. It makes me feel super top heavy some days!

Other 2nd Trimester Happenings

Sleeping: that has proven to be a little more difficult. I love to lay fit on my back, which isn’t an option when you’re pregnant! Turning from one side to the other is a chore-I feel like I wake up every time I roll over! I also wake up to pee on average 2-3 times a night! I personally am not a fan of the pregnancy pillows, but I do know a lot gals who use them and love them. If you are having trouble sleeping its worth a try!

I have also been adding cute pajamas to my closet-something simple like wearing matching pajamas or comfy but cute ones makes me feel the slightest bit better! Plus, I am keeping in mind post baby wear as well, and want things that will be easy on/off and will be nursing friendly should I decide to nurse (still up in the air on that, to be honest).

Nightgown /// Robe

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Cravings: My cravings haven’t been as intense as previously, or even as I thought they would be, but I will say watermelon and blue Jell-O have been a favorite of mine! I will eat watermelon all the time, regardless of being pregnant but blue Jell-O is new to me! It’s never my dessert of choice, or something that I want to have or even purchase at the store, but for some reason it just sounds so delicious to me!

Comfort Level: I am just now starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable. As the day progresses I tend to get more and more uncomfortable. Bending over, getting up and down, putting shoes on-that has proven to be a little difficult! Some days are of course better than others, but I just try and go with flow and rest when needed-luckily the girls are at the age where if I need to take it easy and rest I can ask them to entertain themselves or fend for themselves for a bit!

Other oddities: Itchy boobs-some days I feel like I might scratch the skin off they itch so badly! I had this with my other two pregnancies as well. Towards the end of my other two my stomach was also incredibly itchy as well, so I am mentally preparing for that! Sweating in places I never knew was possible-holy cow! I feel like being in Charleston opened the flood gates and there  was no turning back!



  1. Cassie
    August 14, 2019 / 11:24 am

    I’m curious to know about your compression socks. I’ve tried several and they are SO uncomfortable. I’m 31 weeks and it’s HOT in Mississippi. I started swelling at 16 weeks and I’ve bought new shoes because my Shrek feet won’t fit in my other sandals. 🙂 Really enjoyed this post since we are very similar in size, height and due dates. Thanks!

    • mommyinheelsblog
      August 14, 2019 / 11:33 am

      I really like them a lot-a friend had given me a pair that she had (a different brand, not sure what it was) and they were SUCH a pain to get on and off. Like I would end up in a sweat, heavy breathing after I put them on lol. These on the other hand are so easy to get on and off-when I put them on for the first time I didn’t really think they were true compression socks because of how lightweight they were, but after wearing them for a bit, you can tell they definitely do the trick! I will say though, I had to get the wide calf ones, and their wide selection isn’t as plentiful as their regular selection (not that it truly matters, but still lol). Good luck!

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