Mommy in Heels: Diaper Bag Essentials

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag /// Blair Ritchey Penn Carryall /// Sealed Wet Bag

It has been quite a few years since I had to carry a diaper bag, but in a weird way it’s one of the things I am super excited about! Diaper bags have come such a long way since Ella was born, and even since I carried a bag for Charlotte!

With both of the girls, a good diaper bag was something that I didn’t mind splurging on, simply because it was something that I would be using every day, all day. Fast forward many years later and surprise! I still have the same mentality. To me, it isn’t like a purse that is switched out to match outfits or occasions-a diaper bag, is a diaper bag, is a diaper bag. But-I will say that even though I won’t be changing my diaper bag like one would change their undies I still want it to look stylish and I want it to hold up, meaning the quality has got to be great!

When it comes to diaper bags there are three different brands that I love. Great quality, super versatile (meaning they don’t look like a typical diaper bag and can be used for various things) and stylish!

Blair Ritchey Penn Carryall: This can be anything from a diaper bag, to a work bag and even a weekender! I purchased this about 2.5 years ago as a workbag and have gotten so much use out of it! It holds so much, holds up really well and has a ton of storage. There are 7 interior pockets and 2 exterior so plenty of room for all kinds of diaper bag incidentals!

Fawn Design Diaper Bag: I love the look of this, and the fact that it is so roomy! It can be worn multiple ways, so I would consider it quite versatile. Being that it is faux leather, it’s also easy to clean-perfect for something like a diaper bag! This particular style doesn’t scream “diaper bag!” to me, which I love. I can see my self using this as a work bag, or even an overnight bag!

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag: Are you sensing a theme? Another backpack that I love! While this is technically a diaper bag, like the others it can be multi functional! I actually purchased this in black back in February to bring along to Disney World-it was perfect! Since then I have been using it off and on for a work bag and I am loving it! I may or may not have grabbed it in this gorgeous Butterscotch color as well!


I reached out to all of you via instagram to see what your must haves were for the diaper bag. Obviously diapers and wipes are a must, but I was curious to see what you all felt were needed!

Gather Micro Mat: I had never heard of these before, but so many of you recommended this to me! It is multi purpose-a changing mat or even a place mat! It comes in a ton of different colors (sizes, too). It’s wipable, water resistant and can be folded pretty compactly.

Change of clothes for baby: This is something that you never hope you need but lets be honest-blowouts happen, projectile vomit happens, and messy meals happen! A change of clothes is a must!

Extra Pacifiers: We were a pacifier family with Ella and Charlotte and I’m anticipating the same (or at least I am going to be prepared) with this one! I feel like having an extra pacifier or two is something that could easily slip my mind, so I love how many of your shared this! We registered for a few different kinds, not knowing what Baby Girl will take to-these look super simple (and adorable), we used ones similar to these with Charlotte, and these ones are also on our registry!

Tide To Go Pen/Extra Shirt for Mom: How did we ever survive before portable stain remover pens?! Such a good spot cleaner to have on hand! A lot of you also suggested keeping an extra top for Mom in the bag, something I oddly had never thought of!

Sealed Wet BagMy friend has this and speaks very highly of it! She is well beyond the diaper bag stage with her two children and still uses it for things like pool trips and beach trips! It comes in two different sizes and several different prints as well. This would be ideal for those clothes that get messy from spit up or awful blow outs! Don’t need or want anything fancy? Simple disposable diaper bags will do!

Sanitizing spray/wipes: Our personal preference for something like this is Young Living Essential Oils, and their Thieves line. Any brand will do, depending on what you prefer (I’ve heard good things about Honest), but we stick with Theives!

Puppy Pads: I thought this was such. cool idea and one I didn’t think of. I am not a huge germaphobe by any means, but like most people, I like to keep things sanitary! Public changing stations are kind of cringeworthy to me, and I always just used to use the changing pad that I had on me, not thinking about the germs that I was bringing with me! I love the idea of having a couple disposable puppy pads in the diaper bag for those times when you do have to use a public changing station!

Anything I missed? What are some of your must have/go-to diaper bag essentials??




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