Summer to Fall Transition Staples

I know it’s still super hot outside, but my mind is already focusing on the fall! One, because Baby W will be here (yay and yikes!) but also because I love fall fashion-layering, cozy cardigans, mules, ankle booties…I could go on and on!

When it comes to fall fashion, though there are some things from the summer that I think are easy to transition into the cooler months-I love being able to get more wear out of the items in my closet, plus its fun to style different pieces different ways!

I definitely don’t think your whole summer wardrobe can be carried into the fall, but there are a few, curated, key pieces that I think are perfect to have on hand. I like to stick to neutrals for my transition pieces as well-it makes them easier to mix and match!

A great maxi skirt like this one (I have it in two colors) is perfect to wear in the warmer months with a basic tank and sandals, but it also pairs well with ankle booties and an oversized cardigan (with a front tuck).
A solid pair of mules is also a great pair of shoes to start wearing towards the end of the summer. For me personally its too hot to wear them during the summer, but I do love to wear them once the mornings start to cool off. Plus I think they are a great alternative to sandals that I might normally reach for! The leopard ones are fun as well-they’d look great with the skirt or even the dress-to me leopard can be such a neutral!
I think it’s obvious I love leopard, right?! While I chose this fun, leopard print cami as a great transition piece, you can totally stick to a solid neutral if you feel more comfortable. I think a pretty cream or black is a nice layering piece to reach for. I love pairing them with skirts for the summer, and then switching into jeans and topping off with a boyfriend cardigan or blazer for the fall! Add the mules and you have a great, fall look!
I have this solid, black maxi dress and love it so much-I wear it pretty frequently (mostly by itself) now and plan on wearing it well into the fall! I have it in the XL to wear now, and the XXL to wear as my bump grows! As of now, I really only wear it with a denim jacket or a knotted tee over it-it’s an easy, every day look.┬áTo wear it when it’s chilly I would add a cozy cardigan, ankle booties, a Moto jacket and even a floppy hat!
A utility jacket to me is a wardrobe must, no matter what! When I work with clients for closet edits one of the items I always leave them with on their “to-get” list is a utility jacket. It’s such an everyday basic that can be worn so many ways. Plus they are typically lightweight-perfect for those kind of chilly, kind of not days! This particular one is on the more expensive side-I knew it was something that I am going to have for a long time (my last one I wore for several seasons) so I didn’t mind spending more on it! If you are looking for a more affordable option, this is a great buy as well! One of my favorite ways to wear a utility jacket is with jeans and a graphic tee, but I think it also looks great over dresses (like this one) and even jumpsuits!

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