A Great Closet Staple Every Gal Needs

What a week and its only Wednesday (or Tuesday as I type this). I had a baby appt Monday and my blood pressure was a bit high for their liking so I have to go back later this week to get it rechecked and get some lab work done. Hopefully it’s something that doesn’t continue and was just a little fluke on Monday at my appointment! I didn’t realize how seriously they take high blood pressure (I’ve never had to deal with it before so you could say I am pretty naive with it all), but I have to say its slightly reassuring but also a little nerve wracking with the seriousness of it all on their end! But I feel like I am in great hands!

While in Charleston this summer I splurged on the leopard J.Crew sweater blazer and fell in love with it, so when they were having a sale a few weeks ago which included the same sweater blazer (in solids) I snagged the gray and the camel color!

I was glad I was able to try it on in store because I ended up sizing down to a medium-the large was really big and long in the arms-I prefer the cropped look of the the sleeves on the medium! What I love about the gray and the camel is that they are so neutral-they are essentially closet staples that can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe and worn for both work and play!

Let’s chat about these mules-I’ve had these since last year and love them! I’m surprised at how much I have worn them-although snakeskin, the neutral colors make them easy to wear!

Blazer /// Tank /// Jeans /// Shoes


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