Cozy Fall Cardigan

There was a chill in the air this week, and although it isn’t really sticking around, it felt great to layer a little bit without sweating! I had purchased this adorable sweater cardigan when in Charleston at the end of the summer and this is the truly the first I have been able to wear it!

It is almost sold out in this gorgeous mustard color but its still available in a pretty cream-I also found some other great sweater cardigan alternatives for you that I’ll link at the end of this post for you! As far as sizing goes, I am wearing a medium. I was lucky to be able to try it on in store and I’m glad I did! The large just felt a little bit too frumpy on me!

I feel like at this point in my pregnancy-almost 34 weeks-it’s getting harder and harder to find things to wear. Not to mention the weather change adds a bit of difficulty too! The dresses that I have ben wearing are getting a little bit more snug thanks to my growing belly, but I’m also getting tired of rotating the same handful to tops (and they’re getting a little too small to knot like I do-haha). Luckily my go-to jeans still fit well and are an easy on/off. I have a feeling as the temps continue to drop that tee shirts and cardigans are going to be what I reach for on a daily basis. I will say that I am thankful I have the kind of job where I don’t need to dress up! At least my wardrobe can be worn to work and outside of work-I can’t imagine having to have a completely separate work wardrobe!

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