Mommy in Heels: 5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Although I have so many things in my wardrobe, I find that each season there are a handful of things that I reach for over and over again-closet staples, you could say! They are typically items that can be worn multiple ways, and even mixed and matched!

With fall in full swing (even if the temps don’t feel like it) I wanted to share what my top 5 fall wardrobe essentials are, with a few honorable mentions tossed in for good measure! These are items that will carry you from year to year.

I curated a whole list of items for you all to choose from when adding these key pieces to your wardrobe! There are a variety of price ranges and styles!

An open front cardigan is something I will always have in my closet. I have so many colors and prints but it never seems to be enough-ha! They are a great toss-on-and-go item to reach for. I love wearing them over dresses, adorable cami’s or even graphic tees. It’s something that you can take from work to play and style multiple ways. Not to mention they are good for days where you may just need a light layer and can double as a jacket!


There is something I love about a crewneck sweatshirt not just in the fall but year round. They’ve certainly come a long way from the sweatshirts of my youth which I love! There are so many different colors, prints and styles available that styling them is made so much easier! Pair with your favorite distressed jeans and sneakers or dress up with a pair of sleek mules and a little front tuck!


I know, this isn’t necessarily something that is just for fall, but each year as fall rolls around I like to take a look at my denim inventory and assess what I may need to get rid of and what might need replacing or refreshed. High waisted denim always seems to be at the top of my list! If it’s something that you aren’t quite into, don’t worry-I have seen high rise be anywhere from 9″ to 11.5″(the latter being my favorite-the higher the better)


I feel like loafers are so similar to mules in their style and how you can wear them. While I love the idea of mules, and wear them often, I do love that loafers cover the whole foot-I feel like you can get more wear out of them than mules once the temperatures really start to drop! Like most shoes, they come in such a variety of prints, colors and price points!


Yes I know, some of you may be thinking….leggings? Really? I’m not talking your lounge around the house, I should probably change out of these leggings! I am talking ones that will take you from hanging out at home, to play dates and even date nights!


I feel like there are so many things that could be wardrobe essentials (and some maybe that you would or wouldn’t include in your list that I have) so it was hard to narrow it down to just five! I figured I would toss in a few honorable mentions-items that are a close second when it comes to essentials!

Chunky Sweaters:
They are the epitome of fall and even winter, aren’t they? I feel like a chunky sweater sort of goes without saying!

Utility Jacket: 
I have shared my love for this jacket time and time again-I know I sound like a broken record but it is just such a great staple year round that you can’t go wrong with them!

Similar to loafers, these get a lot of wear. It’s hard to wear them once the snow hits and the ground turns to a cold, wet slop but man are they great for fall and early spring!

Black Midi Skirt: 
This has become a recent favorite of mine as I have progressed in my pregnancy! Whether you have a bump or not, it’s something that looks great on everyone and can take you from office to out with friends!




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